1. A

    Solved  Xbox 360 gameshare with xbox one s + few questions

    Hello, Now i have xbox 360 and been using it as my main console. My friend just bought xbox one s. While i was on my 360, i purchased ( clicked GET THIS ON XBOX ONE) a lot of games, with GOLD privileges so far. Question . If i log in to my friends xbox one s, with my profile and choose to...
  2. N

    Unsolved  Gameshare Questions...

    If I have already gameshared BO3 with someone, is it possible that I also gameshare another game on my console? I have heard that you are only allowed to gameshare one game.
  3. H

    Discussion  Xbox Game-Share November of 2015

    So recently I wanted to Game-share Black Ops 3 Season Pass to my friend, but it didn't know why it wasn't working. So I did some investigating. 1st What i did was get another friend to attempt to use my Gamer-tag to set my home xbox at his house. This did not work for him either. So then I...
  4. PruhciseLy

    Solved  Need Help with Game Sharing

    Ok, as of right now my friend has set my account to his home Xbox and he's playing my games. If I were to set my account back to my home Xbox will he still be able to play the game he installed from my account?
  5. U

    Solved  (PS4) Does gamesharing with multiple people still work?

    I found this method here on this forum "1. Let the First Person Log In to your Account and Activate PS4 as Primary and let the first person download any games. 2. Log In Back to your Account on PS4 and go to Login your Account. 3. Go to My Account>Manage My...
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