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    Xbox 360 Blur Complete Save

    Hi There! I've been searching everywhere but can't seem to find it, but by any chance does anyone have a save for Blur with the special paints (candy, pearlescent, metallic) unlocked? Or is there a save editor I can use to unlock them?? Many Thanks For The Help.
  2. O

    Gamesaves  olletnaS's Modded Bloodborne save v1.1 (Read Description)

    First update to my modded characters on Bloodborne. Features such as Blood Gem slots and game difficulty editing have been added along with a larger variety of Modded Gems, Caryll Runes, Weapons, and Armor. This will work Online This can work on all regions, not only US. This will have more...
  3. Mnx

    Gamesaves  Mafia Definitive Edition - Mafia II - Mafia 3 - Semi Save Set [EU]

    Here is a collection of different trophy's You must resign them all to your profile, with the exception of Mafia 3, you MUST use Advanced mode and extract the file and then import that file you have extracted to your EU save Mafia Definitive Edition Trophy's Unlocked: All Collectibles - Pulp...
  4. Mnx

    Gamesaves  [EU] - Stranded Deep Semi-Save Set [CUSA18152]

    WORST GAME EVER MADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Use Save Wizard to Resign these to your profile. Each Trophy folder includes instructions on what you need to do to unlock the trophy's, very easy! Read the notes included inside each folder. You will need to resign each folder .zip individually to get...
  5. Mnx

    Gamesaves  Ratchet and Clank - [2016 - Semi Save Set] - [CUSA01073]

    With release of Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart (No saves for Rift Apart as Save Wizard does not work for PS5 save data) here is some trophy's from the 2016 Ratchet and Clank PS4 game Extract all files inside .RAR to your desktop then zip each individual CUSA[XXXXXXX] (region) you might need to...
  6. Mnx

    Gamesaves  Resident Evil 7: Biohazard - Platinum Save Set [CUSA03842] (EU)

    Resident Evil 7 Save Set. Use Save Wizard to resign the saves to your profile. These are EU saves only, and have been modified so that boss fights etc are much easier within the game. Remember and have wait periods between unlocking trophies, try and make them 'look like natural progression'...
  7. Mnx

    Gamesaves  Resident Evil 2 - Complete Platinum Save Set [CUSA09171] (EU) - Remake 2019

    The trophies are laid out in a natural progressive order, so they look completely legitimate. Remember take breaks in-between so they look sort-of "legitimate" also some trophies are not included you need to play the game at least 1 time. Remember that while you can transfer every numbered...
  8. G


    Since the Goldeneye 007 for XBLA Remaster (Canceled) was leaked! Goldeneye 007 XBLA GAME ID: 584108A9 <~~~~~~Please give this thread a Like/Comment for building this very informative thread! I try to answer as many questions at once in the original post as possible so there should be no...
  9. T

    Solved  Need info on XB1 gamesave!

    Is it possible to put a game save onto your xb1? I remember modding through a USB and doing some game save stuff on the 360 and was wondering how it's done on the xbox one.
  10. M

    Unsolved  BL3 add weapon slot to character?

    Hey! So my game crashed when completing the mission for the last weapon slot unlock... And now I cant have a 4th weapon. I see a few trainers and other mods out there, but I cant tell if they can add a wep slot for you. I remember you could when messing around on the older BL games with editors...
  11. kingsandqueens

    Discussion  Is there a place to upload PS4 Saves?

    I have at least a Terabytes worth of saves on my External Hard Drive & would like to share them. (The ones from NGU tagged to be NGU use only aren't going to be shared but linked to there site instead.) view.php Thats only way I could find to upload the image for some reason TinyPic wanted...
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