1. 11094

    Discussion  Gamerscore modding

    I recently modded my dummy account's gamerscore up to 122,680. I know for sure I'll get reset eventually, but I'm not concerned about that, I'm wondering... what actually will happen if I do it again, even after getting reset? And again, and again so on and so forth? Will Microsoft get sick of...
  2. borpal

    Unlocking specific xbox 360 achievements and making them show as if they were done online

    To preface, I do have a modded console to use any tools on. Is there any tools to unlock achievements of your choice while in a game? I want to unlock certain achievements and make them show as if they were unlocked online (When they show the date they were unlocked, they were done online). I...
  3. X1 AU

    Paid Service  Xbox One Achievements and Gamerscore

    Xbox One Gamerscore service [Per 100,000 & Below] $5 Bulk Purchase [1,000,000] $40 [2,000,000] $80 [3,000,000] $120 [4,500,000] $150 Xbox One Achievement Unlocker Tool [One Month Access] $40 [Two Month Access] $70 [Three Month Access] $105 To purchase send a message to this account or enquire...
  4. dewil216

    Unsolved  Unlink xbox live from RGH account?

    I was wondering if it would be possible to unlink xbox live from my account. I have a bunch of games with 0 achievements and want to remove them but apparently I need to sign in to xbox live to do that, I didn't even know this account has some sort of xbox live credentials. If not then maybe...
  5. A

    Unsolved  Modding xbox 360 gamer score - sticking problem

    Im wondering if someone could help me fix this issue. I’ve modded my old gamer-tags gamerscore on the xbox 360 using the programs Horizon and Velocity and when I have modded it and reloaded back onto my usb stick, when i download it back to xbox the new modded gamerscore sticks for a few seconds...
  6. J

    Unsolved  Gamerscore reset

    Do Microsoft still reset gamerscore now days? I modded mine back in 2012 and still not been reset recon I'm safe? Just got so much legit gamerscore now don't really wanna lose it all
  7. Circular Pastry

    Solved  Okay gamerscore modders…online achievement?

    I have one online achievement that I missed. …is there any way to unlock, timestamp and bury this so that it shows complete? …obviously, no way to get it online at this point.
  8. wackerboo

    Solved  Gamerscore won't update after modding.

    I modded my gamerscore last night using Horizon and after I put my profile back on my Xbox 360, everything seemed to look good. My gamerscore went up significantly, but I noticed when viewing my profile from another XBL profile's perspective.. my gamerscore had not updated at all and it was...
  9. Yeehawlerz101

    Discussion  Xbox 360 GPD Collection

    Hi, I'm looking to collect all of the .gpd's from Xbox 360 games. If you have a .gpd that is not on the list I would happily accept it and add it to my list. My list contains over 470 (879 as of edit) games, and I'm working on getting it to around 1,000. I'll have a spoiler list with all of the...
  10. V

    Tutorial  Custom Gamerpics, Colors, and Gamerscore

    Gamerpics Prerequisites: Windows 10 Xbox App ( Avatars App ( Fiddler ( Gamerpic Tutorial Setup: Install Fiddler and open...
  11. Microsoft Release Xbox Year in Review Tool

    Microsoft Release Xbox Year in Review Tool

    With games like Fallout 4, Witcher 3 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 all hitting shelves in 2015, there's no doubt in saying that gamers definitely played a ton of Xbox this year, whether it be the Xbox One or Xbox 360. Now I like most people have at some point wondered, how much time have I...
  12. S

    Solved  RGH to Retail profile

    Hi, new here; so I read the Please Read This Before Asking for Support/Help but didn't notice an answer to my query: I'm going to get an RGH console soon and would like to use it primarily for playing downloaded games & using trainers on, I have no plans to go online with this console but...
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