1. ElHaveCito

    PC  [Fifa22]Looking mates for coop challenges

    ait im looking in fifa 22 people to play and between complete coop challenges (most of then vs ia) in ultimate team , play volta and pro club but most focused on coop challenges of ultimate team. Origin id : Masueleonlytrue
  2. Intel Retrieval | Lone Wolf Mission | Realistic Tactical Operation!

    Intel Retrieval | Lone Wolf Mission | Realistic Tactical Operation!

    Hey everyone today I'm gonna tell you about Ground Branch. This is a prealpha build I'm playing now on the Community Testing version of the game (v1032) with tons of new updates making this game look better and better every couple of weeks. Hands down, this is the most realistic FPS of its kind.
  3. Resident Evil 7: NOT A HERO Playthrough pt 2!

    Resident Evil 7: NOT A HERO Playthrough pt 2!

    second part of the series and things start to get increasingly scary, creepy, and difficult!
  4. K

    Discussion  The 10 Years Hunt for the Lost McDonald's Game

    I sincerely didn't have the foggiest idea about this was a thing. That is, until I staggered on this video examining the lost McDonald's Mcdvoice DS Game. From the start I believed that the video title was simply misleading content. I was refuted! In 2010, McDonald's Japan teamed up with...
  5. FacelessOne123

    All  Marvel’s Avengers | EASY OUT OF MAP ROCKETS' RED GLARE

    just follow where i walk in the video and you out of map
  6. J

    Discussion  What's your favorite video game you've been playing?

    Lately I've been playing Transistor which is pretty amazing - I would give it GOTY for the refreshing gameplay experience. I played some Always Sometimes Monsters which was pretty terrible to be perfectly honest - it felt like a horrible cheap shot RPG that punishes every choice you make...
  7. A

    Unsolved  How to get the Dev KLicensee of this game? (NPUB30704) Please help!

    I need to get the Dev KLicensee from the following ps3 game: NPUB30704_00 so I can give up the common.edat for free license only I need the dev klicensee to be able to do it, would someone be kind to help me please
  8. L

    Unsolved  First Xbox one s hotswap?

    Hi so basically I am new to the whole hot swapping idea but I figured I’d give it a go on my xbox one s. I’m only doing this so I can use a game disk of a friend and give it back to him after once the game is saved on my console -not to do any modding- anyways I’ve setup my xbox so it does work...
  9. louloupc2255

    Solved  game adder on Xbox One ?

    hey, i found several xbox one game ids like day one ect, and i was wondering if anyone could make a game adder to add them
  10. xGamer7777x

    All  Everyone's favorite call of duty of the decade

  11. T

    Gamesaves  RDR2 100% Game Save File - PC

    This is a 100% game save file for RDR2 PC 1 - Download - Virus Total - 2 - Place SRDR30006 in...
  12. leeellis47

    Gamesaves  Borderlands 3 Saves

    A place to share your saves with fellow players. You can easily rename any downloaded save to a number that is not currently in use and simply put the save file into your save folder. Should be located here.C:\Users\"Your Profile"\Documents\My Games\Borderlands 3\Saved\SaveGames When posting...
  13. lotec25

    Unsolved  Reassign Xbox Game

    How can I edit the name of a game ISO? I am using 360mpgui and it is giving the wrong info for the game. How can i change it? Tried to google and look on here, but I did not see anything.
  14. Ubisoft Giving Away Free Game During E3 In An Unusual Way

    Ubisoft Giving Away Free Game During E3 In An Unusual Way

    Ubisoft is giving away another free game, but this time, it won't be quite as easy as just adding it to your Uplay account. The game in question is Rayman Origins, an excellent 2D platformer released in 2011, and to claim it for free, you'll need to tune into a 30-minute, Twitch-streamed live...
  15. New Xbox One Backward Compatibility Games Out Now

    New Xbox One Backward Compatibility Games Out Now

    Xbox One players have two more games they can now play on their console. Microsoft's director of programming for Xbox Live, Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb, took to Twitter to announce that the Xbox One now supports two more Xbox 360 titles via backward compatibility. Both Team Ninja's Ninja Gaiden...
  16. Enigma3


    SUPER DRAGON BALL HEROES WORLD MISSION GAMEPLAY | FIRST MINUTES !! The video game allows us to create teams of up to seven characters, and its catalog of cards is the largest to date, with 1160 cards and 350 characters belonging to Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball...
  17. Harry

    Google Stadia's game controller announced at GDC 2019

    The streaming tech behind Stadia is the same that powered the Project Stream test that ran last year, when Google partnered with Ubisoft to stream Assassin's Creed Odyssey for free through a Chrome browser. The company has made other big moves into the video game space, recently hiring Jade...
  18. Runnatrainn

    Patched  Blackout Sky Barrier Glitch - Win Every Game

    Only working on Xbox one! Video Tutorial Text Tutorial Step 1: Find a helicopter Step 2: Fly to turbine and stay above the south side of building number 1. Step 3: Turn east and start flying out of the map. You’ll start to get a countdown timer saying you’re going out of bounds. Rapidly...
  19. F

    Unsolved  I want to play zombies on a cracked game

    hey guys! i am currently downloading bo3 and it's a cracked version, but i am only downloading it for the offline zombies(going to play only zombies). i tried searching if it's possible and people are telling that you need to use cheat engine and stuff to make it work! and there are others who...
  20. New WW2 Strategy Game, War Saw

    New WW2 Strategy Game, War Saw

    World War II was a global tragedy. There was no victory without a substantial defeat of one kind or another, and for countries like Poland that got caught in the crossfire, nearly all was lost before the dust settled. War Saw is an upcoming strategy game that looks at one of the darkest chapters...
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