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    Video  Entering 1st Prestige (EXO'S K/D & STATS)

    Did Prestige a while ago but here is the video finally! #Sorry4TheWait & Prestige 2 Coming Soon!
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    FALLOUT 4 FUNNY MOMENT - Board To The Face?!

    Happy Wednesday everyone. Got a really an awesome and funny video today. Especially if you're a Fallout 4 fan. Hope you enjoy the video. The best part is at the end, like the final 40 seconds or so.
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    Video  [FUNNY MOMENTS] CALL OF THE NOOBS | Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

    Hey lads, I uploaded a video on funny moments of me playing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (COD: AW) with the lads. If you enjoyed, pls like, comment and sub :DPls enjoy :D
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    All  Funny FIFA 16 Highlights!!!

    Lemmonhead & Lyma battle it out over the FIFA 16 Online Trophy!!!
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    Video  GTAV Parodies/Satire Thread

    I've been digging through the [search] to find some parodies & satire. Lets consolidate them into one thread.
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    Video  SQUAAAAAD! Fetty Wap Trolling!

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    Video  GTA V online catapulta Solo Working

    GTA V online catapulta Solo Working
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    Video  A failed Flecca Job attempt

    When I restarted the flecca job, I had a vehicle problem, show cased here. Hope you enjoy
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    Video  Call of Duty Entertainment

    Hey guys, I am an aspiring youtube entertainer and I have just uploaded a video to my channel. We post content daily, and would really appreciate any kind of feedback to help make our videos better. Thank you guys! Latest Video: YouTube Channel...
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    Video  Funny GTA Online Glitch + Tutorial

    Hope you enjoy the video!
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    Video  gta 5 Online tarasca

    gta 5 Online tarasca
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    Xbox 360  Advanced Warfare Trolling Randoms and Threat messages

    Advanced Warfare-Trolling Randoms When grown men get pissed off at a video game reactions are hilarious Hope you all enjoyed the video Like and subscribe for more ;) My Channel:
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    Until Dawn: Let the Scares Commence!!!

    Coffmad and Lemmonhead play Until Dawn...Scary Times!!! continues with Part 16 below.....
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