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    PC  Funny CS:GO Tips

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    Video  A Call of Duty song parody - Lack of Skill

    The idea and context of this song derives from me being addicted to COD from the age of 14. (I'd played Cod 2 and 3 prior, but MP addiction came with COD 4). As with most teens in my age group, I was always eager to get that 10th prestige, high K/D, and show off to all my friends. However, COD...
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    Video  BATTLEFIELD 1 FUNNY MOMENTS (Deadmau5 In BF1?, We Got Capped, Multiplayer Fun)

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    Patched  Funny Animation Glitch With the Ruiner 2000

    This is basically a useless glitch but it's funny to do at least once. I guess it can be used to troll friends or random players. 1. Open interaction menu and have a Ruiner 2000 delivered. 2. Locate a semi truck with a long flat bed trailer. 3. Jump the Ruiner 2000 onto the flat...
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    PS4  I WANT A DIVORCE!!! Resident Evil 7 (Funny Moments) Ep 1

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    PS4  #9 Resident Evil 5 | ARCADE MODE | ACT II ✌

    Resident Evil 5 PS4 EDITION PRISON STAGE (LP) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Back for some more Resident Evil 5, Me and my cousin's (RICDRAGONZR4U) playthrough of the...
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    Video  I AM SO RICH IN DAY - GTA 5 Funny Moments and Fails

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    Video  GTA V Nonsensical, Hilarious, Yet Precarious Events!

    Hello all! To keep things short, some friends and I have been playing GTA V for some time now and we've ended up collecting a series of clips containing nonsensical, hilarious, yet precarious events haha. We've spent some time editing them together and have just posted the first episode...
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    Video  THE WEIRDEST VIDEO EVER! - Overwatch Fails and Funny Moments

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    Video  The New DLC is Crazy Fun!

    OMG these vehicles are so fun! If you haven't got them yet you need to!
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    Video  Battlefield 1 Funny Moments And Fails (FREE SOCCER JERSEYS!)

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    PS4  One Man Band Showcases TOP 10 Indie Games 2016!!

    Let me know your Top 10!
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    Hi everyone, wanted to share my first BF1 funny moments video with you all. video
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    PS4  Dark Souls III : Ep. 14 MAD INVADERSノ( ゜-゜ノ)

    EP 14: MAD INVADERS --------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------- DARK SOULS 3 Gameplay w/ Ricdragonzr4u episode 14 is OUT and this part, we go through the another area of the Undead Settlement discovering the likes of...
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    PS4  Dark Souls III : Ep. 13 [THE VILLAGE] ✌

    DARK SOULS 3 | THE VILLAGE ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dark Souls 3 Gameplay W/ RICDRAGONZR4U Episode 13! in this part we are going through the village of...
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    Patched  Wallbreach/Funny something in MC ?

    Hello All,.. Bare with me as this is my very first "Thread" I post here and it's even the first "glitchy" thing that happened to me. I don't know if it is out there already or even heard about though, so: sorry if it's already posted somewhere. I take NO credit at all as I stumbled on in by...
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    Patched  [1.31] Funny Weapon Actions Glitch

    Sup, posting my first and pretty straightforward Glitch here. Sry if anybody found it before. After doing this glitch you can do the L3 + R3 actions while holding a weapon. TESTED ON PS4. So as just said it's incredibly easy. 1. Put out any weapon (preferably heavy weapon) 2. Get a helicopter...
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    Guide: 1. Get a Sentry Gun Scorestreak 2. Use the Rejack Specialist 3. Go underwater on any map 4. Attempt to call in the sentry gun (It will be red) 5. Drown yourself 6. When you are down, plant the sentry gun 7. Revive yourself with Rejack
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    Working  KNIFE LUNGE LAUNCH GLITCH (Multiplayer)

    Tutorial: 1. Have 2 people on separate teams 2. Have 1 person stand on top of the box in the middle 3. Hold out a gun and knife at their head
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