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  1. P

    Support  please help!! external hdd got erased when moving from fsd to aurora

    hi to all, I have a 1tb wd passport and use to be on fsd, but without art covers, I migrate to Aurora and no mi hd says it´s allmost free (32gb used), and only got a xbox360 folder with files (data0000, data0001m etc), but no games......don´t know what happen.....please help.
  2. ch3mn3y

    Solved  Cannot copy launch.ini

    Hello, Im new here. Tried looking for similar and not to old threads, but didnt found any. I updated 360 i got to 17559. And everything is fine except that I cannot paste launch.ini into Flash (Trinity). Neither XeXmenu, nor FSD File Manager (with access to Flash) cannot paste the launch.ini...
  3. krocc69

    Question  How do i get Xbox 360 game shortcuts (GOD format and XEX format) on stock metro/microsoft dashboard on (RGH console)?

    Hi I wanna know to make my the games I download on my RGH Xbox 360 (some are GOD and some are XEX) appear in the games library in the stock metro/microsoft dashboard because I want to get on Xbox live stealth and not use homebrew to access my games so i wont get banned really fast. thanks in...
  4. XenonXploitorZ

    Question  The JTAG vs RGH freezings/reboots/bugs issues !

    Hello everybody. I have been in the scene since the first liteon drives exploit around 2009 . I have missed the JTAG hack back then with the xenons and the like. I then proceeded to the RGH exploit on my falcon , i have sucessfully installed the chip and got the console fully hacked. I started...
  5. x86

    Solved  [help] is there an xex file to launch the stock dash from aurora?

    Which is the best way to launch the stock dash from aurora? I'm pretty tired of using the guide button to browse to system settings to launch the stock dash from aurora. Is there an xex file or another work around?
  6. W

    Solved  Can't Download Black Ops 2 through FSD or XeMenu

    When I try to download Black ops 2 from a clean disk onto my hard drive it just stops downloading at base.ipak or just downloads 2 files (video_ts and audio_ts). Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  7. Toxicate

    Solved  JTAG and RGH shutting down when trying to get on LiNK

    Hi. I have 2 xbox 360 consoles. one is JTAG and the other is RGH. Both are on dash 2.0.15574 dashlaunch 3.15 latest FSD 3 version. I used to play regularly some coop games through LiNK until few months ago and everything worked fine. Yesterday I tried to play few of them ( BO2, Dead Island )...
  8. Coolbro1322

    Solved  Updating Games No Longer Works

    Hello, here is my console specifications: Xbox: 360 Slim Hard drive: 120 HDD Exploit type: RGH2 Mobo: Trinity I had some games and I wanted to extract them, so I did. But here's the issue with the disk and without the disk, I can't manage to update the games anymore. Like, I bought black ops...
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