1. BobCrawls

    Unsolved  I Need A Social Club Friends List Clearer

    I need a updated and working Social Club Friends List cleaner, its a pain because rockstar always has errors clearing them out fast, so I want a quick and easy way to do it, as I am a Modded Lobby droppers its a pain in the *** to clear them, d you guys know any extensions? Or Console commands?
  2. bayshotyou


  3. existencex

    Modded Diablo 3 friends!

    looking for friends to just bs and smash through rifts! i have modded gear i could duplicate/trade for others!
  4. LoSt Glitches


    The CEO method might be canceling out the glitch , were still testing , the GC2F still works....try parking the MOC with no animation....have your friend sit on the back of the faggio, join friend in job once to get quick alert, then real fast right dpad and join friend,or use shark cards...
  5. Pokémon GO Update Brings Trading and More

    Pokémon GO Update Brings Trading and More

    An update will go live for Pokémon Go users this week, Niantic announced. The update is one of the game’s biggest ever, adding features that many current and former players have anticipated since Pokémon Go’s 2016 launch: trading and a friends list. Making friends in Pokémon Go Friendship in...
  6. thatitguy

    Looking to start up a modding crew!

    Hey everyone! I'm new around here and i used to be really big into modding on Cod4 and MW2 and so on. I have a Slim RGH that is just collecting dust and wanna fire it back up! Is anyone interested in sorta joining me along this and learning some cool things along the way? Thanks! Hope to hear...
  7. EyeDuDab

    Working  NOT PATCHABLE: Freemode **100% Solo OR w/ Friends/CEO** AFK (RP Farming)

    ******FREEMODE (NO JOBS)******* ***100% SOLO or w/ Friends*** ***200RP ROUGHLY EVERY 1m15s*** ***NO OTR REQUIRED*** Lemme know if yall have seen this posted or if im a duplicate :wink: I've seen similar threads, but only coupled with off the radar glitches and the use of a helicopter on top of...
  8. MultiDragon129


    DARK SOULS 3 GAMEPLAY | TOO F&@%ING MUCH!! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey guys, Dark Souls 3 is back W/ RICRAGONZR4U as our co-op...
  9. MultiDragon129


    PONTIFF SULYVAHN BOSS FIGHT | DARK SOULS III Funny LP Series ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BOSS FIGHT TIME! We’re up in Pontiff...
  10. Discord New Feature to Make Jumping Into Games With Friends Easier

    Discord New Feature to Make Jumping Into Games With Friends Easier

    Discord is introducing a new tool today for developers to make it easier for players to jump into games with friends, spectate during matches and send party invites. The feature, dubbed Rich Presence by the Discord team, is a software development kit (SDK) that will allow for easier integration...

    Discussion  XLINK/Xbox Unity Network Friends

    I was wondering if people play games on Xlink/xboxunity. I play mostly everyday, switching around games. I would like to build a friends list on Xlink and xbox unity. So we are able to talk with microphones. Play private games and public. If anyone else is in the same situation, reply back on...
  12. OG GTALobbies

    Discussion  PUBG New Map

    Who is ready for the new Player Unknowns desert map? I think it is going to be epic. I am kinda getting bored of the same map, its a bit repetitive in my opinion. I think an option of a change of scenery would be good for the game.
  13. Sup iM Jeremy

    Looking for friends for expert missions for DB xenoverse 2

    Hey everyone, so I don't know if its just me but every time i go online searching for people to do expert missions it takes fooooooor ever to find a match, i'm playing this on xbox one but it would be more fun to take down some missions with some friends any takers?
  14. Cody Iles

    Xbox One Clan

    Welcome to the Future Exile (FLUX) recruitment page where you will be able to find the requirements and information to join this highly respectful community. FLUX is a dedicated gaming community that enables members to have the best gaming experience possible. The FLUX leadership team works...
  15. Arry87

    Patched  Solo public (private) session

    **Only tested on PS4** Hi guys and girls, I'm not too sure if this has been posted but I've been using this for some time now, and it works especially well if you want to do some MC/CEO missions. Once youre in a public game, simply go into your system settings change the date a year forward...
  16. Burn_The_Jedi

    Unsolved  ISO Modded Xbox One Diablo 3 Gear for Crusader

    Hello, It's been quite some time since I've been on here. But I'm wondering if there are any kind dudes or gals out there that are willing to hook me up with some modded gear for my crusader in diablo 3 on Xbox One. Preferable things that aren't past the max threshold of the item. A nice set...
  17. WorshipDino

    Just Looking For People To Play With

    I do have over a 1.00 kd, I do have a mic, I play mainly Search but will play anything. I don't care if your kd is low or if you have a mic. Just going to play and have some fun. All I ask is if you do have a mic and want to play then please be over the age of 16. I am 22 with no kids so I...
  18. Rage Boosted

    Looking for Minecraft friends!!!

    Im looking for people that play minecraft xbox 360 edition. im wanting to build a giant community world in survival and everyone can build whatever they wanna build:smile: Gamertag:
  19. humantree92

    PC  Velociti Ent PC RP Gaming Community Recruitment

    ----About Velociti Entertainment---- Velociti Entertainment (VE) started out just being a Electronics Company. The owner of VE decided to get a few friends together to start something big. So we started a Gaming Community for people who like to have Fun & Play Games. Velociti Entertainment is a...
  20. D

    Need Some Friends

    Hello I am an ex PS4 user and just got an Xbox One so I'm in need of some friends. currently I have Star Wars BF and Elder Scrolls Online and will be getting more multiplayer games later. So yeah I need some fun people to play with. Reply with your GT or add mine GAMERTAG: Sharpe TF Up
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