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  1. J

    Question  Jasper rgh3 16mb freezing in ALL games

    I have recently rgh3'd (27mhz) my jasper 16mb and the entire console keeps freezing roughly 5-15 minutes into game play. This happens in all games, multiple storage mediums (hdd, flash drive), and multiple file types (GOD, xex). My soldering is solid, all plug-ins are disabled, and Temps are...
  2. XenonXploitorZ

    Question  The JTAG vs RGH freezings/reboots/bugs issues !

    Hello everybody. I have been in the scene since the first liteon drives exploit around 2009 . I have missed the JTAG hack back then with the xenons and the like. I then proceeded to the RGH exploit on my falcon , i have sucessfully installed the chip and got the console fully hacked. I started...
  3. S

    Question  Ps3 bo1 undercover mod menu trouble

    Have undercover mod menu on my ps3. It freezes when I press create a class. In any match type. Also won't allow me to play against bots. I finally try get into a match online it goes to any game or makes it's own match with no one on the team's, then starts. When I finally get into a match with...
  4. Hard man

    Question  ASAP Mw2 Help Freezing

    I need help fixing me mw2. i havnt modded in a while i go on mw2 and mw3 and it freezes in game at random moments. it doesnt say fatal crash as usual. it just freezes. the stealth server i am using is ********. i dont know if this server might be the problem. i know its one of the best. but it...
  5. Trtxxreece

    Solved  My classes are freezing and not allowing me to enter a lobby

    hi so I got hacked a while back while playing and now I can’t select the “create a class” without it crashing this happens in the multiplayer lobby and when loading up a game, is there any fix available? Thanks
  6. X


    Basically as the title says... Mob of the dead DLC freezes other players for no reason.(As in you can play but players freeze/disconnect when you're trying to host.) I don't have a menu on. I have tried re-installing the clean TU18 files. Nothing works and it's really annoying. I just want to...
  7. Esilious

    Solved  RGH freezing after attempted game extract

    Hello there. Last night I attempted to extract my Halo Reach using Freestyle Dash. The extract was 1/2 way done and stopped. I figured it was due to the disc be scratched. I figured I'd do it with another game (Halo 3), but then it kept saying 'Reading Disc'. Now everytime I boot up my RGH it...
  8. Vacro

    Solved  Injectable GSC/GSCR Menus / Mods always freeze my game

    ok so i just launched a multiplayer game with aRay's Sexy Trickshot Menu v2 and to get it working you have to inject the gscr.. and when i injected it and force hosted the lobby. it worked but as soon as i got into the game and put on something it said connection interrupted and then froze my...
  9. T

    Solved  RGH Freezing when trying to connect to NiNjA

    When I first started freezing I thought it was just a bad plugin so I removed all the plugins and went to the xbl ninja website and downloaded the files. I then put all the files on a usb drive and transferred them over to my HDD once they were all on my HDD I have them a path in dashlaunch...
  10. N

    Solved  RGH freezing on all games

    So im fairly new to this scene and im not sure whats wrong it was working just fine last night and when i tried to start a zombies match on BO2 it gave me a 1234 script error. So I tried to fix that and I ended deleting BO2 cause i couldnt fix it. But after whatever i did to try to fix BO2 im...
  11. M

    Solved  Jasper BB freezes on boot up logo ( retail )

    Hello guys, I am having bad time with my Jasper BB ( 512Mb ). The problem is that the console freezes every time on boot up screen. I tried almost any fix and it is still freezing. The problem is that the profile on the console makes the console unbootable. It would be easily fixed if I will...
  12. S

    Solved  RGH Freezing.

    It was working perfectly last night, I was hosting lobbies for my friends using NiNJA. This morning, I tried to launch XeX Menu 1.2 and it just straight freezes my RGH. I tried to bypass plugins which allowed me to open XeX Menu, but when I tried to launch XM360 to unlock some DLC, it wouldn't...
  13. TheModdingCat

    Solved  XBL Ninja Boot Up Frozen

    Every time I boot my RGH 2 Trinity it freezes on the Xbox Logo. I paid for 3 days of XBL Ninja and am trying to get online. I tested my newly purchased KV and it's unban. I have no idea why it's freezing. I used the standard Lanuch.ini Ninja paired with the stealth and yet I am still having this...
  14. AngelaMancer

    Solved  Freezing

    My games were freezing during auto saves after I modded my profile in elipse. This was since I had also been modding my games in Gibbed's without an issue. I replaced my profiles with older backups of them and same problem. I deleted everything I had that was modded and made a brand new...
  15. T

    Solved  Help MW2 Freezing Problem Xbox 360

    so I was playing mw2 a few months ago and I got into a hacked lobby through matchmaking, when the game finished the screen went black, so I turned my Xbox off and back on, then when I tried to play a game it freezed and it still happens now, it does this when I press create a class or when the...
  16. V

    Solved  My new RGH keeps freezing mid-game

    I have only had my RGH two days now and ever since I got it BO2 (only game iv'e really played on it) would freeze after about 2 or 3 games. No errors or anything it just freezes, and the last in-game music/sound I hear keeps playing. I'm using ninja stealth if that helps at all. Thanks in...
  17. G

    Solved  Need help regarding ofw mod menu

    CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP. So here is my problem: I download the backup on to my USB everything is going fine I restore it on my PS3 it works. But then when I load up gta it's doing the install, it gets up to about 6800/8400mb then freezes. So after a while I just exit the game and start it up...
  18. HuskerHeaven

    Tutorial  Xbox 360 SMC Power Mode Editing (Fixes Falcon Freezing on RGH2)

    Ok, I have noticed that there are a lot more RGH2 Falcons running around now that R-JTAG has been discontinued and I though I would create a tutorial that shows how to edit the POWER MODE and POWER VCS CONTROL in the SMC of your NAND. This will fix the majority of the freezing issues found in...

    Game Mods  [XBOX-PS3] (v8.0) Nathan's Protection & Personal Utilities [12/04/2020]

    IIV NATHAN VII's IV Protection Script v8.0 Last updated: 12/04/2020 What's new in this version (click me) Download Virus Scan SPECIAL THANKS! Sockstress - Reliable blackscreen protection for RGH and Retail PS3/360 Aki_FINx - Fixing ped freezes would be a laggy mess without this guys help...
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