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freeze glitch

  1. C

    Question  Freezing on Zombies

    I load up zombies on bo2 on my rgh. I inject a menu with gsc studio. Everything is fine until the zombies freeze and then I freeze. I've tried project iconic, and RMT, and I get the same error with both.
  2. XenonXploitorZ

    Question  The JTAG vs RGH freezings/reboots/bugs issues !

    Hello everybody. I have been in the scene since the first liteon drives exploit around 2009 . I have missed the JTAG hack back then with the xenons and the like. I then proceeded to the RGH exploit on my falcon , i have sucessfully installed the chip and got the console fully hacked. I started...
  3. B

    Solved  Call of Duty Black Ops 2 LiNK freeze on RGH

    Hi, I am new link player and I want to play cod bo2 online. When I enter multiplayer, setup room and try to join some game it just freeze. I have RGH, falcon, dash version 2.0.17526.0, can anybody help me please?
  4. B

    Patched  Possible Work Around For The SP/MP Freeze Glitch Patch

    As we all know, Rockstar has patched the glitch and we get an error screen after joining GTA Online as Franklin through the peyote glitch. However, there is a small window of opportunity once you spawn in, a matter of seconds. I think this will work: Run the peyote animal all the way to your...
  5. blacksnow19

    Patched  [PS4] Freeze Glitch

    I'm not really sure how i got to do this, so here's a video if any of you can find out. EDIT: Happened Again! I think i found out how to do this glitch: 1. Go mobile, search for a heist and join one. 2. Once on the heist lobby, just leave it, and it wil say that you lost access to the house...
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