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  1. ArrowLynx

    Solved  How do I boot into regular dashboard? I want to remove freestyle

    Hello! I bought this Xbox 360S from someone without knowing it was RGH, it came with freestyle dash and it's a big mess, I want to return it to the original dash or upgrade to Aurora, whichever is easiest. I am afraid to break something because I have no idea what RGH this is on, what software...
  2. A

    Question  Xbox 360 Freestyle 3: Every game in the same menu/dashboard

    How can I configure my Freestyle 3 in order to show every game (360, xbox original, homebrew, Live Arcade, etc.) in the same menu/dashboard rather than separated each other? I know it's possible with Aurora, but I don't wanna sacrifice my data on my HDD. Thanks!
  3. R

    Support  Broke Freestyle and possibly more [XBOX 360]

    So i was setting up ******** and couldn't get neighbourhood running so i just copied launch or whatever it is .ini edited it on my computer with freestyle 3 and tried copying it back into my flash folder but it didin't work saying operation failed so i deleted it then wanting to replace it with...
  4. Mobfather Repair

    Solved  Freestyle Dash Issues

    My issues can be one of two things. Either I got bad link to fsd. Or fsd doesn't like dashlaunch 3.19. I get a black screen upon launching fsd. I'm on 17526, dashlaunch 3.19. All proper links I can find are dead.
  5. U

    Solved  I messed up really bad. May have deleted my hack

    Hi. I formated the xbox's hdd (the 4gb one) and now i don't have FreeStyle Dash,don't have File Browser. Console starts up in original xbox home dash....The story. I was a PlayStation fan boy but i got an Xbox 360 slim RGH with kinect about 4 days ago. The console came with Kinect Adventures...
  6. W

    Solved  Rgh and Jtag shuts down after trying to copy files from X360HDD to labtop

    Greetings... I do not know how many of you still deal with the old Jtag and Rgh but I am stumped. I was trying to copy a backup of my buddies 360jtagfalconhdd to my labtop. I use 360 content manager to see the HDD on windows 7 since it will not work on windows 10.When i hit copy after about 1...
  7. gamer7121

    Solved  Any way to boot xenon.elf (emulators, linux) with aurora or dashlaunch?

    Is there any way to boot .elf files that require xell without needing them on the root of an external storage device? I would like to have an ubuntu listing in aurora, but I already tried creating a folder with xell and the necessary Linux files on it and it won't boot. Copy that to the root of...
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