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  1. NightKingPL

    [PC] [GTA-Online]? Offline ?Money + XP Drop Lobby | 2.5k $ Bags | SAFE!

    Status: ? Offline ? Rules: §1 - All drops take place at the Los Santos Airport. §2 - No asking about tp. §3 - Only Money + XP drop. (No vehicle modification, etc.) §4 - No shooting / killing each other. §5 - You need to be in passive mode. §6 - No hacking. §7 - No spamming in chat. §8 -...
  2. Billz1

    [PC ONLY] [CLOSED :(] free gta dropzone! | 2.5k bags |

    Welcome to my lobby! I hope you guys enjoy it, and if you got suggestions, tell me! before adding, real the boring stuff below :frown: to know if the lobby is active, check the title of the post DON'T ADD ME WHEN THREAD IS CLOSED, MY FRIEND REQUESTS WILL BE FULL! PS: Your friend request will be...
  3. NeverMindMe

    [OFFLINE] | ⚡Fast Accept ⚡ | ? Free Money Drop | ? 2.5K Bags |

    LOBBY WILL BE OPEN EVERYDAY AT AROUND 7 PM (CET) TIMING MAY VARY ON SATURDAY AND SUNDAY & WILL BE POSTED HERE ACCORDINGLY How to join? 1. Add me on this SC : 2. Write I accept Rule in the Thread 3.After Joining go into Passive Mode and come to airport (LSIA). 4.I will make Closed Friend...

    [?PC] CLOSED | 12+ Hours Daily | ⚡Fast Accept | ?2.5k Money Bags | GTA5 Online Free Money Drop Session Lobbies

    Session Status: OFFLINE ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ❓• HOW TO JOIN •❓ *1 - Scroll down on this post and reply with your SocialClub Name followed by "I accept the rules" *2 - Add AZESDROP on SocialClub and wait for me to accept your friend request *3 - Once I accepted your friend request...
  5. Obdonald


    STATUS: CLOSED HOW TO JOIN: 1. Read the rules and comment down bellow your SC name followed by "I accept the rules" 2. Add "Obdonald" on Social Club 3. Once we accepted join our session and meet at the LSIA airport RULES: Be in passive mode Don't talk suspicious stuff about money drops or...
  6. sp4ceman

    Outersp4ce Mods FREE Money Drop Lobbies | 2.5k Loop | v1.46 | [DAILY]

    Hosted by sp4ceman and SpeckledComet Simply add sp4ceman66 OR SpeckledComet69 and post your SC username below, and one of us will add you immediately (if the lobby is live). Once one of us adds you, your free to join! :smile:
  7. RayGoHard

    Free Money Drops | Undectable

    PC ONLY Status: Offline Rules: 1. Add me on social club here 2. Join my game only if status is online, do NOT join if status is offline. 3. Meet at the airport...
  8. X

    FREE MONEY DROPS✅1.42 Working✅2.5k Drops✅100% Free✅

    !WELCOME TO HYDRA DROPS! Hey guys, We will drop free money in the following weeks. On our Discord we will announce the lobbies, and you can write down your Sc there ,that we can invite you. INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Join our Discord. 2. Wait unitl we announce a lobby 3. Write down your Sc 4...
  9. M

    (FREE) Money Drops GTAV Online

    Leave your Social club in the comments and i will add you to a closed friends lobby. I will then drop you for an hour or more :smile: Once added please msg me as i have had over 80 requests ty :D If any staff have any problems please let me know and i will change it. Proof:
  10. Juesfi

    Juesfi's PC Drop lobby I UNDETECTED Menu I 2500$ Bags

    Hello! Welcome to my 2.5k drop lobby. To join please post your SC in the comments and add me on social club, im not going to find you. LOBBY Online/Offline RULES: 1. Enable passive mode when you join. 2. Dont steal from others. 3. Do not invite your friends. 4. Dont bank the money or buy...
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