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force host

  1. D

    Question  Force Host code for Bo3 mp lobbys

    Hey have anyone a force host code for me for bo3 mp lobbys pls in gsc. script
  2. Y

    Question  Bo2 force host isnt working

    So, yeah im still trying to play bo2 w mods online in 2020, but yeah. My force host inst working propperly, il go into a custom game and enable force host there, end the game and go to public, and here the problem comes on, so it wont even let me join a perfectly empty lobby, im stuck in never...
  3. Sammy Duncan

    Solved  Mod menu with force host

    Hi, I have a mod menu for MW3 at the moment but can’t use it in any mulitplayer games as I’m not host. Are there any free mod menus( not tools) that I can use to force host. Thanks
  4. amermstwntd2

    Solved  Force Host no players joining public lobbies.

    I've been trying to use not "abuse" my GSC menu just to have a bit of fun, plus I'm trying to see if I can host free XP Camo lobbies for 7 sins members, but I'm not having much luck in public matches. The force host works but I sat waiting for 15 min and still no players. I did this 5 times so...
  5. Turtle wave

    Question  Prop hunt and force host

    Prop hunt is probably my favorite game mode to host but I have to do in custom games. If anybody has a gsc for prop hunt with a host menu or even a gsc editor and some patience to teach me I'd much appreciate it.
  6. Zazii

    Solved  Bo2 Lobby Issues

    When I'm trying to find a game in bo2 I'm not force hosting at all and it still puts me in lobbies alone and no one ever joins in the lobby I'm not sure why this is happening anyone possibly could help? Would be great if possible :)
  7. madrussianT34

    Question  How do I install and use the yoda v4 tool?

    Hello Se7enSins community, I recently downloaded the yoda v4 tool (from a safe, virus scanned source) to force host while playing Modern Warfare 3. While I am relatively computer savvy and a decent programmer, I have never utilized a tool of this sort to interact with online console gaming. My...
  8. ImOx

    [Release] MW2 Force Host [All-Client Infectable] [Jtag/RGH]

    Ok, so basically I have seen really many people asking for a force host tool, so I decided to make this simple little tool that any one who knows even a little C# could make. Please don't tell me it doesn't work because I have used it many many times.. [/SPOILER] Don't go into a game with a...
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