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  1. L

    Working  Care package launch

  2. C

    Patched  2 Person - Invisible Avenger

    PS: Was only Tested on PS4 Most Likely Works on all though. Well i was just Foolin Round and My friend invited me to his bunker so may work with other invites but not sure yet. I joined as i Drove out with avener and only saw myself avenger invisible people couldnt see me either just radar icon...
  3. skeeze415

    Patched  Solo Flying Glitch

    **SOLO FLYING/LAUNCH GLITCH**(STILL WORKING) Whats up ya'll!! I was checking on wall breaches and came across a cool lil way to make your character get thrown in the air!! I am using PS4, this method also works on PC, and xbox. I am not the founder of the original location wall breach,...ONLY...
  4. TheRealSK7

    Video  The New DLC is Crazy Fun!

    OMG these vehicles are so fun! If you haven't got them yet you need to!
  5. Oophilly215oO


    Requirements: Game mode - Defender / Map - Genesis Set your game settings exactly how i have mine *i show pictures in vid* Payload - FTL JUMP Go to the middle of genesis and grab the defender ball. Use ftl jump twice to get ontop of the building then use it over and over again up and forward...
  6. Fleye - A Flying Robot Tailored Towards You

    Fleye - A Flying Robot Tailored Towards You

    If you grew up in or around the 90's you may remember a certain TV show called The Jetsons. Now The Jetsons was set in a world seemingly centuries ahead of us, with robots for every task imaginable, flying cars and more. Even though this new product on Kickstarter isn't exactly what we had...
  7. VitaDeditae

    All  Star Wars Battlefront(Jakku): FALCON TIME BABY!!!!

    Fun times flying the Falcon on Jakku!!!
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