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  1. Spec Ops: The Line | Solo Campaign | Helicopter Battle! | DRIP STAR LIVE

    Spec Ops: The Line | Solo Campaign | Helicopter Battle! | DRIP STAR LIVE

    Quick sale alert for anyone who missed my post about the steam summer sale. This military third person shooter is on sale yet again for around $5.00 USD I suggest you snatch it up if you're a fan of the genre!
  2. ccfman2004

    Flash Lite-On when orig drive was DL10N

    I have an RGH 360 that has a broken H-L DL10N drive in it. I have the key but when I go to use JungleFlasher to flash the replacement which is a Lite-On DG-16D4S I get an error that I can't flash as the Target is not a Lite-On.
  3. Enigma3


  4. K

    Unsolved  Flashed X360 MW2 disc not supported/Disc unreadable

    Hello everyone! I recently got a flashed x360 phat and I've burned a lot of XGD2 games already without any issues. HOWEVER, now that I tried burning Modern Warfare 2, everything goes well (ABGX is green, all good) ,and the burning process is without any issues, but as soon as I insert the CD...
  5. ToXxiCxMoDz

    Solved  Any NAND reflashing services <$30?

    I accidentally flashed a NAND incorrectly and now it's bricked, but I do have a working NAND. I would prefer if the service were less than $30 because I'm probably not going to get much more use out of this console even if its restored to working order. Thanks!
  6. O

    Solved  Flashing 0225 Slim Lite-On. Need Help.

    Hi. I have an Xbox 360 here with a 16d4s. It has a winbond chip and the firmware is 0225. I can't seem to get the computer to read the key from the drive. I've tried a few times and I keep getting slimkey failed. Is there any new ways of doing this? I'e seen people saying get an x360usb pro but...
  7. N

    Unsolved  Flashing a Liteon phat Xbox 360

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to flash my Liteon phat xbox 360 and just wanted to know if the things I bought below would be enough or if I need to buy more stuff? Thanks
  8. L

    Solved  Is it okay if I update my Xbox?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and to the Xbox 360 scene. Recently I acquired an Xbox 360 from a child (I bought the Xbox) and he told me that his Xbox has LT 3.0. I don't know nothing else from the Xbox (which DVD drive it has not anything else). I play backup games via DVDs, and I can...
  9. Rusver

    Solved  xbox 360 bricked error e79 - please help

    hi everyone i have rgh xbox... i tried to update to last dushboard via youtube video, I did everything and now the xbox lunched for 2 sec and then the red ring shows up with e79 error. i build udpflash via xebuild and flashdump. xell works, i have cpu key and dvd key, i tried again to build...
  10. T

    Solved  Help with benq flash! Normal xbox 360 games not playing after flash

    Hi, I have just flashed my xbox 360 benq drive to the LT firmware 3.0 for benq. I saved the original bin and then flashed the firmware onto the drive using DosFlash64. However now when I try to play a genuine xbox 360 game it simply says "play dvd" and just shows the xbox 360 logo screen...
  11. MikeyZombiee

    Solved  How do I Flash my 360 Dvd Drive? (Liteon)

    How Do I flash a Liteon Dg-16d5s? Do I have to have a Rgh or something?
  12. V

    Solved  When I re-flash my NAND I get a E79 error

    I recently got my RGH Falcon and I accidentally updated to the new dashboard. So I tried re-flashing my nand through xell and now it boots but I get an E79 error. Please help!
  13. FatPhony

    Solved  Is it possible to flash LT+3.0 when writing new NAND to JTAG/RGH

    So as far as i know, when updating your xbox, you will also write new FW to the dvd drive, but i thought if it was possible to hack the DVD FW in XeBuild and when flashing the new updated nand, it would automatically your DVD drive with LT+3.0, As far as it seems its possible, and if so can...
  14. A

    Solved  Xbox not turning on after Flashing

    I have a RGH 2.0 Trinity and I recently flashed it with a new kv, The reason being was I couldn't update to current Dashboard so instead of just putting Kv to HDD I Flashed it with the CPU key it came with. Now TBH IDK if I used the right CPU. But either way right or wrong it should boot...
  15. E

    Solved  Thinking about flashing my xbox's disc drive

    I've been reading up a bit about flashing the xbox 360 disc drive, and I was wondering how likely would it be for me to get banned if I unplug my disc drive before connecting to xbox live? My xbox is already torn apart due to repairs and I had to swap my disc drive from another console to my...
  16. eph

    Solved  KVs don't work

    For the sake of this thread not getting removed for breaking rules, I will just name the services I used as stealth Stealth Service 1 and Stealth Service 2. So let's begin. I was on Stealth Service 1 for a long time, loved it, loved KV life, whatever. However I saw that another stealth service...
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