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    Unsolved  Trying to Cheat gold into ffx remastered using Bruteforce Save Data

    I've been trying a bajillion different ways to cheat gold into FFx remastered. The xbox was so simpler to get a save editor going holy crap. So I've got Bruteforce Save Data 4.4.2 installed, the latest release lights up like a xmas tree with virus hits. Also have ps3 save resigner installed...
  2. Final Fantasy 15’s Multiplayer Goes Live in October

    Final Fantasy 15’s Multiplayer Goes Live in October

    Can’t wait to dress up as a Chocobo? The online multiplayer expansion for Final Fantasy 15, Comrades, will be available starting Oct. 31. A new trailer released by Square Enix ahead of Tokyo Game Show debuts new footage from the mode, which takes place following the main campaign’s 13th...
  3. In Hindsight: Final Fantasy X

    In Hindsight: Final Fantasy X

    We all know too well the dangers in hyping up a game before its release, but what about hyping up a game after its release? It's easy for us to get into the latest games and shower them with endless praise until the day comes that they get shelved with all the rest. I'm going to take a look at...
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