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  1. B

    Dlc corrupted?

    I'm new to modding and I followed a tutorial on how to get everything on the sd card, i followed through perfectly but as soon as I try to load up my game it tells me "downloadable content is corrupted. go to data management in system settings and delete the dlc for this software. after deleting...
  2. TheScene

    Question  P.T. Demo (Silent Hills) Adding File To System

    Hey All, I figured I'd try to get this P.T. Demo to work since I didn't have a PS4 when the demo game out. I was on the xbox. But, I've recently switched over. Now, I got the file from this youtuber. Now, if i load this file I should be able to play the demo right? Or is it attached to that...
  3. 1

    Solved  change rgh 1.2 timing files after full install and completion of rgh 1.2

    hi i modded my xbox 360 jasper bb 512mb with a cool runner rev c rgh 1.2 and i chose a timing file (19) and well it wasnt the best one to go for as its slow booting up, i am asking if it is possible to reconnect the cool runner the the j runner program and change the timing file with it in...
  4. xLeek

    .NET  Mafia 2 SDS Decompressor by Crypt0z

    I didn't know where to post this so I chose here. It basically decompresses mafia 2 sds files for further resource extraction.
  5. PSGAndr3w

    Discussion  Need an Xbox Live Vision Camera File

    I want to create my own custom Gamerpicture to show to my friends but I don't have an Xbox Live Vision Camera (Who does nowadays?). So I'm asking here if anyone could send a pic from theirs (if you guys would even own such an antiquated piece of sh*t) through the interwebs. Dropbox etc. Thanks...
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