1. ElHaveCito

    PC  [Fifa22]Looking mates for coop challenges

    ait im looking in fifa 22 people to play and between complete coop challenges (most of then vs ia) in ultimate team , play volta and pro club but most focused on coop challenges of ultimate team. Origin id : Masueleonlytrue
  2. S

    Discussion  Principle on how to mod a PS4 Game - for example FIFA 20

    If this thread is in the wrong categorie please feel free to move it where it belongs to. So I am basically new to modding ps4 games and wanted to do some changes on FIFA 20. It doesn't have to be changes at all. I would be happy if I am even able to explore the whole gameplay dependend files...
  3. FIFA 20 Rolls Out No-Racism Kits In Solidarity With England

    FIFA 20 Rolls Out No-Racism Kits In Solidarity With England

    Following the abusive taunts of racist fans in Bulgaria, EA Sports’ FIFA developers have had enough. A set of “No Room For Racism” kits from the English Premier League will be available for FIFA 20’s virtual players, free of charge, in a week-long antiracism campaign beginning today. The...
  4. Battle Passes In FIFA Ultimate Team? Not Exactly.

    Battle Passes In FIFA Ultimate Team? Not Exactly.

    I groaned when I saw FIFA 20 had launched a new mode with yet another in-game currency, the third that can be spent in the game. So-called “Volta Coins” are for use in FIFA 20’s futsal/street soccer career only, and they only buy cosmetics, thank God. But on closer inspection, they pick up...
  5. FIFA 20: Career Mode's New Features Revealed

    FIFA 20: Career Mode's New Features Revealed

    EA has revealed what's new in FIFA 20's Career Mode on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The mode, which has remained largely unchanged for the last two years, is getting dynamic press conferences, updates to player potential, and more. "Our vision was to breathe new life into the Manager Career...
  6. X

    PS4  FIFA18 Club

    Does anyone wanna create one to play or having an active club I can join? PS4.
  7. undertheknife

    FIFA 18: Max RPM & how to avoid triggering the bot verification

    Hi, I am writing a simple autobuyer in JavaScript so I can buy the players I want - nothing fancy, just a long Greasemonkey script that looks for specific items and buys them if their price is lower than specified. Unfortunately, after few searches at 30 rpm with a 2 seconds delay, the app...
  8. darker246

    Unsolved  Problem with burning FIFA 18

    So i tried burning FIFA 18 three times already and i used different .ISO 3rd time as well but when i put it in XBOX it says that it is a bad DVD and it is not loading game name on dash, just Play DVD. When i run it through ABGX360 burned DVD check it says in red "ERROR: Unrecoverable read error...
  9. FIFA 18 Release Date, Web App, And More

    FIFA 18 Release Date, Web App, And More

    After a long summer still playing last year's football games, you'll be pleased to hear FIFA 18 is almost here. With that in mind, we thought we'd round up everything you need to know about EA's soccer game here, including its release date, some gameplay, our review, and more. FIFA 18 Release...
  10. Marko_Da_Playa

    This is the reason why I love FIFA

    Hi everyone, I was playing FIFA and I scored an amazing goal after kick off :) Feel free to share your opinion. It's german but I hope it doesn't bother you
  11. Skepta

    FIFA 18 Ones to watch

    Well they're back, here are the confirmed so far.
  12. EA Access Vault Removing A Game For The First Time

    EA Access Vault Removing A Game For The First Time

    The EA Access Vault will, for the first time, shrink ever so slightly later this year. Electronic Arts has announced that it plans to remove FIFA 14, one of the games that launched alongside the Xbox One service back in 2014. EA shared the news recently on its website, saying FIFA 14 will no...
  13. Skepta

    Fifa 18 Icons Ratings

    If any FIFA 18 Icons are announced I will be listing the middle rating card here in position order. Forwards - Henry, Ronaldo, Pele (Pele's Rating TBA) Midfielders - Maradona Defenders - Ferdinand Goalkeepers - Lev Yashin In ratings order: Maradona - 95 Ronaldo - 94 Yashin...
  14. FIFA 18 Continues To Strive For Realism, But At A Cost

    FIFA 18 Continues To Strive For Realism, But At A Cost

    Over the past few seasons, FIFA--like the football world itself--has become increasingly obsessed with Sky Sports: with snazzy transitions, over-dramatised transfer deadline day coverage, incessant live updates, and below-average punditry. FIFA looks dazzling, but some would say EA has neglected...
  15. FIFA 18 Release Date Announced, First Trailer Revealed

    FIFA 18 Release Date Announced, First Trailer Revealed

    Publisher EA has revealed when you'll be able to get your hands on FIFA 18. The footballing giant will be available from September 29 on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. Preorder customers get three days' early access, while EA Access and Origin Access members can enjoy a...
  16. Z

    EvoNinja (Don't buy from them)

    It took them 15 hours to buy my players and they take no responsibility at all. They advertise that they buy your players in 10 min and that if you don't want to wait 6 hours for your coins, you should choose them. I guess it's all a lie. Since it took them 15 hours to buy my players, they...
  17. Husla


    Im looking to start a new team on ps4, This team is a sniping team clear outs can be accepted Need clips but will go on your word if clips are not available!! Prefer to be EU/NA no outrsiders If anyone is intrested please message me WE PLAY RM AND IW ps and fifa :D
  18. sLF NORTHY


    Send sLF NORTHY a message.
  19. sLF NORTHY


  20. Father Christmas

    Who's all doing the FIWC?

    As most of you will know this is the last month to qualify for the Fifa Interactive World Cup. How many of you are doing it? I myself will be doing it Im not expecting to qualify for it but hopefully I do, Currently on a 3-1-1 record sitting around 1930 on the leaderboard (It's literally just...
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