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  1. darker246

    Unsolved  Problem with burning FIFA 18

    So i tried burning FIFA 18 three times already and i used different .ISO 3rd time as well but when i put it in XBOX it says that it is a bad DVD and it is not loading game name on dash, just Play DVD. When i run it through ABGX360 burned DVD check it says in red "ERROR: Unrecoverable read error...
  2. H

    Luck of the Table Draft

    Will the standings of the Premier League benefit us in some good draft picks or have us miss out on some good players?
  3. RekoYT


  4. U

    All  Vote this GOAL on Fifa 16

    Hello guys , that vote would give this away goal from Marco Sau ? a score of 1 to 10 .... and if you want to write me to play on FUT , " ps4 " ... I have a team silver that I love to use against your champions. if you like subscribe to the channel .
  5. JammyHDz98

    PS3  How To Sign Any Player For Free In FIFA 16 Career Mode (Ps3 and Xbox360)

    Step 1: Buy a transfer budget allocation from catalogue for additional start up coins Step 2: Place an offer for the player you want (That they'll accept) Step 3: When they accept change the contract to - Future first team player Step 4: They will decline this, but this is good Step 5: When...
  6. VitaDeditae

    All  Funny FIFA 16 Highlights!!!

    Lemmonhead & Lyma battle it out over the FIFA 16 Online Trophy!!!
  7. J

    FIFA 16 Career Mode Best Young Players TOTW 9

    Looking for quality youngsters for FIFA 16 career mode? We’ve picked the best at every position.Please keep eyes on Wonderkids FIFA 16 Career Mode Best Young Players Team of the Week. In the world of football, we never lack of super star as well as we never lack of talents young players. There...
  8. Redox

    Tophy Unlock Error

    So i am trying to platinum(100%) FIFA as i do with all my games, currently at 75% so it's going nicely, only problem i'm having is three trophies haven't unlocked even tho i have completed them, trophies are below. Half-Time-Pep-Talk - Win a match against the Legendary CPU after being down at...
  9. C

    Solved  ABGX360 - Is this secure?

    Hey, so basically i've downloaded Fifa 16 for Xbox360. And everything is fine until i get this message. Is it safe to play the game, even if the message all the way down says that something is missing? I live in europe by the way. Would...
  10. H


    Hey guys, I'm a new youtuber who posts daily FIFA16 content from both Career Mode and Ultimate Team. You can see my career mode videos here: If you have any advice for me then feel free to let me know! I will...
  11. JohnnyTsunami01

    Tutorial  Fifa 16 Passing and Attacking Guide

    Hey, guys I recently made some more tutorials I thought a lot of you would find useful. I have a ton in my channel, but the two that I think will help a lot of you out is my advanced passing tutorial and my attacking tutorial. It goes in-depth over every aspect of passing and what your mentality...
  12. H


    Hey guys, I'm new to youtube (been posting for around a week now). I am aiming to post DAILY fifa content. I produce mainly fifa 16 career mode content, but will be branching out into ultimate team, myplayer and maybe some pro clubs! If you are interested, please check out my channel...
  13. FudgyBiscuit

    All  FIFA 16 - FORZA MILAN! - AC Milan Career Mode

    Welcome to my FIFA 16 Career Mode with AC Milan, where I'm aiming to rescue Milan and bring back the glory days of this once giant of Italian Football. In this episode we get a quick look at the squad, look at some potential transfers and play our first preseason games. If you enjoy the...
  14. Gardzz

    All  Fifa 16 | Price Ranges | Updated Weekly.

    Here on this thread you will be able to find out the latest updates on price ranges for every single player on the FUT Market. This feature will also include a search bar which will make your Fifa FUT searching a lot easier, and also faster if the player you are looking for is not the highest of...
  15. KieranSharpen

    Solved  Region Codes?

    The problem is there is an early release torrent for fifa 16, but the the torrent is NTSC and my console is PAL. Is there any way to edit the region coding to change it to Region Free or PAL. Thanks, Kieran
  16. FrankSinatra

    All  FIFA 16 - Team of The Week!

    TOTW predictions, rumors, & discussion.
  17. Yoobro35


    Getting this message when I try to get onto the transfer market, "Continue playing FUT16 on Xbox One to unlock access to the transfer market" anyone getting this too?
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