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    Solved  Xbox 360 S RGH Fatal Error on Some Games

    On most current dashboard, avatar update insatlled with proper TUs installed yet both Left For Dead 1 & 2 both Fatal Error crash my system. I have launched them with and without TUs but no matter they crash. Have 3 RGH Trinitys and 1 RGH Corona. The games both crash in the same way on all four...
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    Solved  Fatal Crash Intercepted

    so im trying to play gta on my rgh and when it gets to the loading screen i get a fatal crash intercepted idk what happened it used to run fine so i went to put a menu on and it worked fine i put on the iced harley + illegal activity menu and it works fine but without the menu i get a fatal...
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    Solved  Xbox 360 RGH fatal crash on any Mod menu

    Hello there. I'm a newbie so pls. Don't kill me straight awai if I don't get things exactly right. I've let someone mod my xbox 360 recently and it all worked fine. I've played some menus in gta v and then I wanted to make GOD copies of all my games so I don't have to use the dvd anymore. and so...
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    Solved  Help fatal crash RGH

    Hi, i use a free server 17511, and when i try to launch COD mw3 or bo2 i have Fatal crash of game just after launch but i can play GTA 5 with no problem. If you can help me thx !
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    Solved  gta V mod menu *fatal crash*

    hi i have som problem in gta v with tu 26 and dlc installed when i install plugin all xbdm and rpc and jrpc2 u and blast mod menu with dashlaunch i reboot my xbox agter that i go to play gta 5 when i open it show me fatal crash and back to aurora dashboard and i use the last dashboard 17489 i do...
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