1. Fadexz

    HC-CTF | Search 4 NUK3TOWN ONLY | lvl 55 in 2-3 hours | 2x XP | Dark Matter, Hero Gear, Challenges..

    Status: Closed Message for invite for another time when I'm on. Hardcore - Capture The Flag I search for NUK3TOWN ONLY 2x XP + Weapon 2x XP Weekend From level 1 to 55 in about 2-3 hours Get Dark Matter, Hero Gear, Challenges, etc. Requirements: • A mic (Use windows 10 xbox app if you don't...
  2. J

    Solved  CEO Help

    Just have a few questions to ask about CEO crates. -How many of the special crates can you have at 1 time? (I have 2 now but can't seem to get the call) -What amount of earnings must you have to fill CEO office with money? -The trophy on the CEO desk, can anyone explain it and how to change...
  3. Coxch ooooooooo

    Boosting lobby fast invite infinite Warfare

    Add xXmarcos13rt
  4. OxenGaming

    Working  DOUBLE YOUR SPEED! How to move faster in BO3 - Super Jump Slide - Slide further in Black Ops 3

    Steps : Slide and just before it ends jump and slide again! Dont forget to subscribe!
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