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  1. BngGlitcher

    Patched  New bug G.C.2.F very fast

    Hello, today I present to you a brand new bug for donating vehicles which can be either duo or solo but with tight timing. Founders: BngGlitcher ! Glitch Man Online Prerequisites: - a nightclub - a M.O.C - an eleghy rh8 - (rc bandito) Handling : 1) Commit suicide at the entrance to your...
  2. Apex Ranks

    Paid Service  | Apex Legends Ranked Boosting | Very Fast | 48 Hours Bronze - Predator |

    Apex Legends Ranked Boosting We provide boosting services to get you from your current rank to your desired rank. We go from bronze all the way to Predator. We also provide arena, kills, and wins services. Here is a list of our services. Our services are for all platforms. Battle Royale...
  3. T

    Patched  !!!!!!Easy Car Dupe!!!!!! One Hooker and One Friend!

    Requirements: Must be done between 22:00 and 05:00 game time when Hookers spawn. Arcade; Nightclub; Arena or Penthouse garages. One friend. Invite only session. Vehicle set to everyone. Any street car. Faggio in a 10 car garage. Free Elegy in any garage. Car you want to duplicate in any garage...
  4. Navy Davey

    Patched  !!!!Easy Car Duplication!!!! With One Friend!

    Requirements: One friend. Invite only session. Vehicle set to passengers. Faggio in a 10 car garage. Free Elegy in any garage other than a 10 car garage. Car you want to duplicate in any garage other than a 10 car garage. Arena War Issi Elegy Retro Custom 10 car garage. MOC (not necessary but...
  5. Aztecgamesyt2k20

    Discovery  patched as of today

    after patch founder Aztec_games_ Creds to post patch founders sorry I couldn’t find your names Requirements: - MOC with personal vehicle storage (have an Elegy RH8 inside it) - CEO office garage with modshop (must have empty spaces) - Your friend needs to have the shooting range in their...
  6. High Gamer

    Patched  *Red Dead 2* No Stable Faster Cougar Duplication Glitch! Also Fast Fish Dupe! Make Thousands Now!!

    - J Stone New Cougar Dupe Video - - Fast Fish Dupe Video - - Credit - Chief Bacon Antioo25 J Stone **Huge shout out to that boii YT: J Stone for bringing these glitches to the community** Hey guys up above is a new Cougar duplication glitch and there is NO stable involved. Also above is a...
  7. High Gamer

    Patched  100% SOLO*Red Dead 2 Online* Fast 'n Easy Carcass Duplication Glitch!!

    **Founders** YouTube: Mr Raton Laveur YouTube: Antioo25 Method Grab any carcass you can stow upon your horse. Head to a Stable (Valentine is ideal as the butcher is across road from stable) With carcass on horse, walk in stable with horse and at same time press start, progress, story missions...
  8. High Gamer

    Patched  *Red Dead 2 Online* SOLO Unlimited Easy Money Fish Glitch!!

    **High Gaming HD** YouTube: High Gaming HD **Glitch Video** **Founder** Unknown **Written Tutorial** 1: Head to North West Sait Denis to the gated mansion. 2: Walk/Ride through the gate and head to the back of mansion where you will find the fountain pool. 3: Stand near fountain and pull out...
  9. High Gamer

    Patched  100% Working*Must See Red Dead 2 UNLIMITED Money-XP-Gold Glitch!! *

    **High Gaming HD** YouTube: High Gaming HD (Please feel free to subscribe) **Glitch Video** **Founder** YouTube: TLG_TV 264_ **Also Support That Boi J Stone** YouTube: J Stone **Updated Method** Hey guys a little update on the UNLIMITED Money-XP-Gold Glitch, y'all will have to hold/spam right...
  10. Apokalypt


    Hello, This is another way for buy everything for free !! You don't need to join a player to do this :smile: On Xbox, I don't know why but you loose money when it works exactly the same as on PS4... Founders of the original glitch: WFG & supr420 Founders After-Patch: Apokalypt Requirements: 2...
  11. RichardDiddleton

    GTA V|Modded Lobby|2.5k Free Cash Bags|RichardDiddleton|

    STATUS: OFFLINE Hello And Welcome To My GTA ONLINE Money Drops How To Join: Reply With Your Social Club And That You Accept The Rules I Will Add You On SC And Invite You To The Lobby RULES: 1: As Soon As You Join The Game Go Into Passive Mode. 2: When In The Game Come To LSIA (Airport)...
  12. A

    Question  CheatEngine on BO3

    Did cheat engine is not working on bo3 anymore? like 4 months ago i used without problem (playing offline on steam) and now when i open the cheat engine my game closes. So theres a way to use? I just want to change the bots name, for some frag edits. Anyone can help?
  13. XeKruhz

    XeKruhz Lobbies! | Infections | Fast & Free! |

    Welcome To XeKruhz Modded Lobbies! I NORMALLY WAIT 8 MINUTES INBETWEEN LOBBIES TO LET OTHERS IN! **Please POST LEGIT! and Vote on Poll Aswell!** Thank you :smile:
  14. F

    Solved  Need help! :(

    Hello Guys, First of all I want to say Hi, to all of you, hence I am new to this forum. I found you accidentally yesterday, when I was looking for some working Glitches to gain money very fast in GTA Online. I have to admit, I never ever used a Glitch before, but I am level 103 now, and I lag...
  15. XeKruhz

    XeKruhz Lobbies! | Infections | Fast & Free |

  16. D


    Edit: Sorry for my bad english , im french :wink: You = #1 Friend 1 = #2 Friend 2 = #3 HI guys , today i will show you a new unlimited money glitch !! Founder : Zrz glitcher officiel English tutorial : Link of the video : Need : -Garage with 10 slots or garage with 6 slots -In first slot...
  17. LegendaryOaks

    Patched  Spawn in different apartment in the same session

    You can spawn too different parts of the map using this You will need a friend to do this with inside the same session, and a small friends list is also preferred. 1. Set spawn location to where you would want to go to. 2. Pause the game, then goto Online, then Join Friends, accept. 3. You...
  18. Fadexz

    HC-CTF | PLAY NUK3TOWN ONLY | lvl 55 in aprox. 3-4 hours | Dark Matter, Hero Gear, Challenges, ect.

    Status: Closed (If this post is more than a few hours old I forgot to change the status) Need 1 more! (now) HC-CTF - Hardcore - Capture the Flag Choose NUK3TOWN map only (More kills/XP) Level 1 to 55 in about 3-4 hours (Without Double XP) Hero Gear, Challenges, XP, whatever you need. 4 Man...
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