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fast travel

  1. Deividsga

    Tutorial  Any quick trip for $ 1

    Tutorial 1 - Tap on a fast travel point without displaying the places menu 2 - Before requesting your camp near the place where you go 3 - When the message that the camp has been mounted appears, enter the quick trip, up arrow and select camp and confirm. 4 - Ready, you traveled close to where...
  2. S

    Patched  Spawn Location Warp In The Same Session

    Hey Everyone, So I know everyone's been looking for a way to quick travel around the map to various locations like your Facilities or CEO offices. Not to mention when you screw yourself somehow, crash your chopper, and end up stranded on the middle of Mount Chilad. Well today I just might've...
  3. LegendaryOaks

    Patched  Spawn in different apartment in the same session

    You can spawn too different parts of the map using this You will need a friend to do this with inside the same session, and a small friends list is also preferred. 1. Set spawn location to where you would want to go to. 2. Pause the game, then goto Online, then Join Friends, accept. 3. You...
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