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  1. G

    Tutorial  100,000 runes every 30'00

    bonjour, voici une methode pour farmer 100.000 runes toutes les 30'00 minutes *hello this is a methode for farming 100.000 runes every 30'00 minutes have a nice day : if you do not have the youtube permission for watching this vidéo, ask an adult to see the vidéo before he watch with you the...
  2. P

    Legendary Farming {lvl 50} Sessions

    If anyone would like to come join while I fill the slaughterstar 3000 with legionaries just drop me a pm with your in game epic name
  3. T

    Friday the 13th ps4 farming

    If anyone wants to do the farming for ps4 hit me up, send me a message on here and we can farm some xp since its the last day for xp bonus. Must have a mic would be great, looking to get this started ps4 name: Haji-Sniper
  4. MarkTheWhale

    PC  Star Wars Battlefront Droid Run farming (PC)

    Looking for 3 people who want to do some droid run farming on pc Add me on Origin ---> MarkThePotato
  5. H

    XB1 Happy dungeons Infinite Dungeon Group

    Hello there I'm looking for 3 other people to play happy wars with I am a lvl 12 warrior and I need people around level 8 so we can farm the gear from the infinite dungeon Add me: Molly Girl Luck Will be open almost all day :smile:
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