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  1. Aztecgamesyt2k20

    Discovery  patched as of today

    after patch founder Aztec_games_ Creds to post patch founders sorry I couldn’t find your names Requirements: - MOC with personal vehicle storage (have an Elegy RH8 inside it) - CEO office garage with modshop (must have empty spaces) - Your friend needs to have the shooting range in their...
  2. Apokalypt


    Hello, This my new massive dupe glitch, very easy to hit MASSIVE DUPE: Requirements: 1 friend with a MOC Rh8 in the MOC Empty space in CEO garage + workshop The steps: 1. The friend enters in his MOC (in the bunker) and invites you 2. You accept and then you launch a job, once on the first...
  3. Destiny 2 PC Beta Will Open The Farm Social Space For A Short Time

    Destiny 2 PC Beta Will Open The Farm Social Space For A Short Time

    Destiny 2's PC beta is now underway, and players can try out its first story mission, a Strike, and a couple of competitive multiplayer maps. Bungie just announced that PC players will also soon be able to access the game's new social space for a limited time. The Farm is Destiny 2's social...
  4. P

    Patched  Fast and Easy XP

    Sry no video. Thanks to the founder BornAgainByJC in the PS4 community: Fallout 4 glitches & exploits. As far as I know this is the fastet xp farm in Fallout 4 for 2 reasons: a. You can use it from the start of game. b. No need to join any faction. Here we go: 1. Easiest item to make is the...
  5. Oophilly215oO

    Working  Fast Candy Satchel Farm

    Destiny - Fast Candy Satchel Farm My method for farming candy satchels quick
  6. Otishuff

    Working  Dreadnaught Kill farm.

    When you first spawn down on Dreadnaught, simply go left all the way, then right all the way.. You will see a big jet engine. Make your way up as high as you can go by jumping on the little jets. Now chill and kill. Also my ammunition refilled it's self from this spot very fast. I stayed for...
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