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  1. Readmit

    Unsolved  Noctua fan replacement for XBox 360 Slim

    Can anyone please recommend for me a Noctua fan to replace the very loud XBox 360 slim fan? I do know that you can change the fan speed in Dashlaunch, but can someone please recommend for me a Noctua fan that will fit in the XBox 360. Thank you.
  2. Maxximo88

    Unsolved  PS2 FAT - Alternative SILENT FAN (not noisy like the original) for Playstation 2

    Hi everyone, I just got a PS2 FAT SCPH-39004 and the fan is very noisy (like all PS2 FAT..). So, I'm looking for a silent replacement. If I'm not wrong, the FAN must have the following technical features: Dimension 60x60x15 mm Powered 7v (seven, not 5v or 12v) Connector 2 Pin Like the...
  3. C

    Hardware Mods  Fan LED mod LED size/height?

    Hi all, I am going to be putting an LED strip on the inside of the fan so it glows when the 360 is on. Question is what size LEDs to get? will 5050 fit? Also what is the best spacing? 60/meter look ok?
  4. N

    Solved  Can I add another fan to my Xbox using a dual adapter?

    Hi Hopefully this is the correct way to post a question. Thought I would make an account after looking on here a lot lately for advice. My question is, can I use a TX3 Splitter Cable to add a pc fan to my Xbox 360? I have a Jasper that has the 3 pin fan and wanted to add another one. So can I...
  5. Filloti

    Unsolved  Which fan out of these 2 should I go for?

    Suuh my duudes, So I need an extra 2 case fans and I would like it to be as quiet as possible, plus I have a low budget right now because i splashed out a bit recently lol, So which out of these two below should I get, Heard good reviews out of both of them and both are sort of near the same...
  6. L

    Unsolved  What is the pinout for a CUH 1100 PS4 Internal Fan?

    I am trying to do a fan mod for my ps4 but I cannot find the pinout for the internal fan of any model of the ps4. Nowhere can I find what the Brown, white, and black wires of the internal fan go to.
  7. World Of Warcraft's Fan-Made Legacy Server Shut Down Hours After Launch

    World Of Warcraft's Fan-Made Legacy Server Shut Down Hours After Launch

    Felmyst, a private World of Warcraft server developed by fans and designed to emulate Blizzard's MMO as it was in 2007, when its Burning Crusade expansion launched, has been shut down. The server launched on July 21, but was shut down just a few hours later. Gummy52, a developer on the project...
  8. Jason Bartlett

    Solved  RgH or naH

    Any reason why my fan won't spin now? Console turns on but fan isn't moving.
  9. Drumblanket

    Trying to install new 3 Pin LED fan into Xbox One (Fallout 4 Case mod)

    As you probably guessed from the title, I need help. I am trying to get a 3 pin fans wires connected to the 4 pin wires and plug it into the original fan port. I need the LEDs to light up and the fan to run. Can anyone help at all? This is the project. The blue on the plexi is just the...
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