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fallout shelter

  1. Junkrat

    Vantage Xbox One Modding tool updated

    The Xbox One Game modding tool, Vantage, has been updated and brings many gifts for all of its users. Team Vantage has added support for Linux and MacOS which you can find the download links for those below. Along with this, more editors have been added. Cuphead, a smash hit, is now supported...
  2. Deefer

    Xbox One  Fallout Shelter 9999 Lunchboxes Save Mod

    Fallout Shelter 9999 Lunchboxes Save Mod Note: These steps must be performed using the Windows 10 version of the game but once you have completed all of the steps you can sync your new game progress over X-Box Live to your X-Box One Console. Don't forget to load the save when complete and...
  3. The_Midget

    Mobile  FalloutModder (Fallout Shelter Tool)

    Well since people asked, here is the modding tool that I have been working on for fallout shelter. Not Complete. But Hey, better then a stick in the eye. Thanks to Visual Studio figuring out at least the Salt and Passphrase, I was able to reverse engineer it a bit more and with few more guides...
  4. Fallout Shelter Android Release Date Revealed

    Fallout Shelter Android Release Date Revealed

    As announced earlier this month, Bethesda's free-to-play mobile hit Fallout Shelter is coming to Android in August. No specific release date was given back then, but Bethesda revealed it at a Fallout panel at QuakeCon today. The game will be released on August 13th, along with several new...
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