fallout new vegas

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    Unsolved Rgh Fallout New Vegas modding

    I need an expert on archive invalidation patches specifically for FNV but any insight on other games will be very helpful. I cant find a good detailed tutorial anywhere so if somebody out there can help walk me though it I would appreciate. Once I figure this out I plan on making a VERY DETAILED...
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    Unsolved Jtag Fallout New Vegas modding(please help)

    After taking a a long break from my rgh, I am now ready to get back into it. One thing I could never figure out was how to get the archive invalidation validated patch on my console specifically for fallout new Vegas. I understand how it works and that I’m probably going to have to modify the...
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    Solved Fallout New Vegas DLC Xbox 360 Jtag/RGH

    Hello there. Ive been looking for dlcs for Fallout New Vegas especially the Courier's Stash or the Dlcs inside Courier's Stash (couriers dlc is a dlc where it comebines 3 pre order content thingy, but they can be downloaded seperately) and I was wondering if anyone of of you guys know some...
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