1. T

    Discovery  I need help getting an ammo cap glitch working

    So I was playing a few days ago farming the raider and settler encounters, and I got my TSE 15% fire rate black powder rifle and a few other guns to have 500 magazine ammo. I’m not sure how I got it but it was after doing the free Gatling laser ammo glitch. When I server hoped to continue...
  2. New Fallout 76 Update Out Now, Here Are The Patch Notes

    New Fallout 76 Update Out Now, Here Are The Patch Notes

    Bethesda has released another update for Fallout 76. This week's patch--version across platforms--is now live on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and it makes another assortment of gameplay tweaks and bug fixes to the online RPG. The new patch weighs in at approximately 4.5 GB on consoles and 3.5...
  3. S

    Will be Metro Exodus basically Much Cry and Fallout mixed?

    Curreny i buy Metro Exodus game key from SCDKEY.com and play a few days ,I would say it can probably a Russian version of Fallout if After effects started out immediately as a first person present shooter. It has similar styles and it is obviously about post apocalyptic survival. It's way more...
  4. Bethesda Gives Details On Two Upcoming Fallout 76 Patches

    Bethesda Gives Details On Two Upcoming Fallout 76 Patches

    While Fallout 76 might not have gone over so well with critics, the game has already reached "millions" of players, Bethesda announced today. The title hasn't necessarily sold that many copies, but it's still a notable achievement. What's more, those who are playing are playing "a lot," Bethesda...
  5. Fallout 76 Pre-Beta Stress Test Available Exclusively To Xbox Insiders

    Fallout 76 Pre-Beta Stress Test Available Exclusively To Xbox Insiders

    The Fallout 76 beta is set to kick off on October 23 on Xbox One, but you may be able to put the game through its paces even sooner. Bethesda has announced that before the beta launches, some Xbox Insiders will be able to take part in a limited stress test to help the studio prepare for the beta...
  6. Fallout 76 Won't Have Cross-Play Because of Sony

    Fallout 76 Won't Have Cross-Play Because of Sony

    Todd Howard, the Bethesda Game Studios director and creative leader behind the forthcoming Fallout 76, bluntly called out Sony when a German publication asked why that game wouldn’t support cross-platform play. “You cannot do cross-play in 76,” Howard said, according to GameStar.de (via CNET)...
  7. Evilinferno2467

    Fallout new vegas mod help

    Anyone know way for spawn companions in fallout new vegas or know of any mods dat do so
  8. DeliriousGhost

    How do I finish Old School Ghoul in Fallout New Vegas with this problem?

    Well i was reading some tutorials and saw that you need to talk to corporal sterling but the problem is that My Companions killed him since he became hostile to me after I stolen the La Lounge Carabine so how do i do this. pls help
  9. Bethesda Softworks Has Lost Their Minds and Fans

    Bethesda Softworks Has Lost Their Minds and Fans

    If you listen closely and stay as quiet as possible, you may very well hear the rapid clattering of keyboards and angry rants about Bethesda Softworks' latest blunder in a painfully long and maddening series of mistakes. A series of mistakes that may very well cost them the momentum and fan...
  10. Edward15883

    Discussion  Bethesda Creation Club

    What do you think about this? What will the effect of it be on F4, and Skyrim SE? Is it just paid mods? What effect will it have on free mods? Do you consider this good or bad or what?, Will you use it?
  11. Edward15883

    Discussion  Best and worst thing about Fallout 4

    What is the number one best thing about Fallout 4? What is the number one worst thing about Fallout 4?
  12. SuperSwordGaming

    Solved  Using Mods on 360 games?

    So I have an RGH 1.2 system with a bunch of my games burned into the HDD, and a few of them are Bethesda titles, and as we all know Bethesda games are really fun/easy to mod...at least on PC. I was wondering if you could put a mod for PC onto the 360 somehow as DLC. Now I know they probably...
  13. C

    Unsolved  Looking for PS4 with old software sytem

    Hey there se7ensin lurkers! I work at an electronics repair shop usually doing cellphone and tablet repair, but i do get occasional request to do odd jobs. Let me explain this certain odd job that came in recently. >Customer come in with ps4 HDD, says he transferred his files to a new 2 tb HDD...
  14. LemonMan

    Discussion  Fallout 4 - Should I buy it?

    So I've been recently been told that fallout 4 has came out, (how I did not know this, I have no idea.) But should I get it? I've heard some really good things about it but I'm still wondering if should buy it or not. please reply :)
  15. GooseAlwaysDies

    All  Fallout 4 Sniper Montage - The Marksman 2

    Loving my 50 cal sniper had to put together a little montage of me destroying ghouls in Jamaica Plains. Enjoy!
  16. GooseAlwaysDies

    All  Fallout 4 Sniper Montage - The Marksman

    I haven't seen many Fallout 4 Sniper Montages on YouTube so I threw one together. Hope you guys enjoy it and are having a fantastic weekend. It's cold as crap here. Winter has arrived.
  17. GooseAlwaysDies

    FALLOUT 4 FUNNY MOMENT - Board To The Face?!

    Happy Wednesday everyone. Got a really an awesome and funny video today. Especially if you're a Fallout 4 fan. Hope you enjoy the video. The best part is at the end, like the final 40 seconds or so.
  18. GooseAlwaysDies


    To me it's the perfect game. No other game has compared to how brilliant this game is in over 5 years. The hype lived up to the expectation, and I wanted to give my review of this beautiful game. Let me know what you guys think of this game.
  19. RollinThatDice

    Patched  How to levitate! Reach amazing heights!

    Requirements: - You need a wall that is completely flat or anything for that matter that is flat of course. - Any item preferably large, that is not flat. First and foremost holding your Action button (A,X,E) while your crosshairs are on an item will let you hold the item in the air. Pressing...
  20. M

    Patched  Glitch: Get Any Item From A Shop For Free!

    Hello everyone. This is just a quick post for a glitch that works on PS4, Xbox and also PC. It enables you to make it so you are + money in the store which then means you can get everything for free. IMPORTANT: I HAVE DONE SOME TESTING AND FOUND A FIX FOR THE GLITCH NOT WORKING IN SOME SHOPS...
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