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  1. G

    Question  Xbox 360 Falcon RGH with picoflasher - Fail to boot XeLL

    I had an old Xbox360 Falcon given to me approx 5 years ago (completely forgot about it since). I tried it and it worked fine at the time. Tried RGH using picoflasher 3.0 yesterday. Used a 10K resistor (I read anything from 3K up to 20K would work), soldering job is super clean. Using Jrunner...
  2. Oreo Cookie Dough

    Question  Pulled off cap I think on Falcon Mobo trying to RGH3

    Hi everyone, Long time se7ensins member here. Last time I was on here this forum was about 10 years ago and that was the last time I opened an Xbox 360. Here I am at 26 now and wanted to try and RGH a console for old times sake. I was able to solder the nand wires up just fine, and then my...
  3. N

    Question  XBLIG / Indie games won't load, crash with Code 4

    I cannot get any XBLIG game to launch from Aurora, it will crash with Code 4 about 15 seconds into the Indie Game splash screen, then restart Aurora afterwards. All of my games are in Content / 0000000000000000 / 584E07D2 / 00000002 /, the title update file is in Content / 0000000000000000 /...
  4. B

    Question  JTAG Falcon Help Needed

    First off, I know I'm around 12 years late to the game but oh well... Managed to get a never plugged into the internet Falcon a little while back (5 years ago), me and a buddy decided to try and JTAG it for the lols (only took us 5 years to attempt it). Using a MTX Spi Flasher Managed to pull...
  5. andjnewb

    Question  Trying to diagnose my old falcon, needs some information.

    I have an old falcon motherboard 360 which was my first back when I was young. It's got some nostalgia attached to it so id like to get it back up and running. It was stored in an attic but it did run when it was put away albeit loudly. Recently I pulled it out and plugged it up, but the power...
  6. J

    Question  RGH 3 Troubles with boot up

    Hey guys, I have RGH 3 hacked 2 phat consoles now, first a jasper then a falcon. Im getting an issue on bootup. maybe 75% boots up fine and everything is good almost an instant boot. But maybe 25% of the time i press the power button and the console powers off 2 seconds later. just strange its a...
  7. K

    Support  FT6U1 Pad pulled - Falcon

    My post wired got caught on something on my desk and it has ripped the pad off the board, I have tried scraping the solder mask off and soldering to the trace just by it and I was still unable to boot rgh1.2. I followed the trace back a bit and have tried attaching to another via which is...
  8. Cutotopo

    Question  RGH1.2 Falcon Xbox 360 not starting up.

    Hello. Following jointheresistance's tutorial on this site I soldered the cables to my console's motherboard and flashed the ECC and the timing file using a J-R Programmer and a TX Coolrunner Rev3, but I can't boot to Xell to read my CPU Key. The solderings seem to be good but when I press the...
  9. aymajr

    Question  blown up PLL and the resistor under it along with their pads.rgh 1.2 falcon mofo.

    hello, i have a mofo from a freind who blew up the pads of the pll point and the resistor under it. need help with the diagram and alternative points where i can solder a new resistor 10k ohm and the pll point.
  10. Scot Nes

    Solved  JR Programmer V2 isn't recognised by my system at all.

    First problem is, my win10 system won't recognise JR Programmer at all. Second, when plugged into Jasper board its green and red lights are blinking. Third, but when plugged into Falcon board it blinks with no lights whatsoever. And it's definitely not driver signature enforcement. I've turned...
  11. jimmyperkins91

    Question  How can i play xbox original iso files on xkey?

    My xbox is a falcon and the dvd drive is DG-16D2S, Thanks
  12. jimmyperkins91

    Solved  How to remove failed rgh and return to retail

    How I can un-rgh my xbox (falcon), i failed to rgh it and now it has a green flashing light, i have the original nand dump files titled nanddump 1 and 2, i lost the jr programmer and only have Nand-X. What can I do? thanks
  13. M

    Solved  How to mod xbox 360 Falcon in 2019? [noob]

    Hi everybody, I recently bought in discount a phat Xbox 360 and I have identified it as a falcon by following the visual inspection guide. I have never owned an xbox in the past but i have softmodded other consoles such as ps3. I really want to mod my xbox 360 and i have learned by reading...
  14. TimelessNL

    Solved  [SOLVED] RGH1.2 - Falcon does boot Xell but not to Dash(e79) (did once though)

    Hi People, Question: Could it be that a corrupt NAND causes e79? but still boots Xell just fine? Answer: Yes, after flashing a donor NAND image and unplugging it for 20sec to reset the SMC ram. This Xbox360 came back to life :smile:. (See post #8 for detailed information) Full story: I...
  15. A

    Question  HDMI issues with RGH'd Falcon

    Hello. I have just recently RGH'd 1.2 5 consoles. 4 are Falcons and 1 is a Jasper all with excellent boot times using Matrix V1 (between 3-10 seconds or less). I got them on a job lot (none of them have RROD and none of them have been modded before or even opened, still had warranty sticker)...
  16. T


    Hey all, I really got stuck here. I’ve been working on this for days and I finally gave in but I really really want to successfully RGH A console I have been repairing and modding consoles for awhile now and never had any problems with soldering boards. I first attempted the jasper but didn’t...
  17. T

    Solved  liteon 16d2s dead / no power

    Hi I have a falcon 360 with a broken liteon 16d2s drive. It's one I picked up used with the defect, because I was planning on doing an rgh on it anyways. Now I dissasembled the console and studied the broken drive a bit closer, and it seems that the drive gets no power at all. The xbox...
  18. J

    Solved  Rgh/stealth

    So I just ordered a RGH Falcon, and the seller sent me a Stealth code. I’m a noob lmao, but I watched videos on YouTube and none of them use a code, am I missing something? And can anyone help me and explain why/how to use the stealth code, please, for when my console arrives?
  19. I

    Question  Hi,I wanto to make a jtag console. How do I write xell-reloaded with mtx spi nand flasher? J-Runner

    Hi,I wanto to make a jtag console. How do I write xell-reloaded with mtx spi nand flasher? J-Runner v5 dose not support to write mtx spi nand flasher. Only read and creat...so I creat xell reloaded with J-Runner but I don't know how to write with nandpro? I tried that; nandpro usb: -w16...
  20. Royal Modz

    Solved  What Is The Real Difference?

    So after thinking about it I cannot come to a solution. What really is the difference between the jasper, trinity, and falcon motherboards of xbox 360? Yes I know there is a few more, but out of these 3 which one should I get and why? Is one better than the other and if so, why? All help...
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