1. Unbelievable Clip! 46 Kill Streak Point Hold | Literally Ran Out of AMMO | Did that really just happen?!

    Unbelievable Clip! 46 Kill Streak Point Hold | Literally Ran Out of AMMO | Did that really just happen?!

    After spawning in and holding the point by myself for an entire 5 minutes, racking up 46 kills, I found myself down to only a few bullets left in my trusty 1911. After throwing a molotov to create a short diversion to find ammo, this happens...
  2. P

    Modded Wii will no longer run Brawl

    I modded my Wii years and years ago, probably back in 2009. I softmodded it with the Brawl exploit. Mistake or not - I updated my Wii at least twice and it is now version 4.3U. It ran Brawl fine before modding. It ran Brawl fine after modding. I'm almost certain an update is the reason it won't...
  3. E

    Unsolved  Screwed up tsop on 1.4 xbox

    I'm trying to flash the bios on my 1.4 xbox and i messed up. I bridged r7d10 just fine, but when trying r7d1, i ended up removing the pad for the point closer to the tsop chip. I have two questions: 1, will my xbox still run? 2, if i get the confidence to try again, is there a way to bridge that...
  4. Dearmode

    Rainbow Six Siege Gameplay: LION THE COME BACK KING !!

  5. J

    Unsolved  Matrix Nand Programmer Pads Fell off. Alternate Attachment points?

    So All of the pads on my matrix have fallen off (... not sure if im incompetent with my soldering, or if the board was defective) I need to know If I attached the wires in suitable alternate locations? My board seems to be a much cheaper version of whats in the photo above (basically...
  6. J

    Solved  Matrix Nand Flasher missing attach point (J1d2.3)

    I messed up my nand flasher (iron's 2 hot, since its temp control is broken, and doesnt turn on at the low temps. So ive just been doing everything fast as I can) Anyway it fked up one of the attachment plates. So can I solder the wire to the connection inside the green circle? or anywhere else?
  7. Twiizted

    Xbox One  How to GTA V

  8. HoestOnline

    Video  Ready to go on a Rampage, only AFK's.... FAIL

  9. ramstar

    Video  A failed Flecca Job attempt

    When I restarted the flecca job, I had a vehicle problem, show cased here. Hope you enjoy
  10. Oophilly215oO

    Video  The Top 5 FAILS Of The Week (Episode 4) TYRONE EDITION

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