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    Solved Do I have a dead spot?

    I was trying to receive a RCV with the gctf glitch but I forgot to call out my own RCV first. So here's what I did: I got glitched out with a new faggio that I took out of my moc. I got glitched out, then I hopped in my friends RCV and accepted the moc invite. Just like when you receive a...
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    Solved Glitched in facility but door to vehicles is closed

    Any idea how i can get to my vehicles? The door won't open. After a glitch i spawn in my heist room with Lesters message. Doors from canon and heist room are moving and my staff is walking around. Maybe there is an older glitch where this also happened...
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    Patched Solo and easy car duplication glitch in the facility/ bunker/ no custom plates needed

    Video by G-Twist Founder: Kingalexhd and evilbranch? Please tell me if someone else also worked on it or found it. I just wrote down the requirements and steps for you. Because no one else did it and I think it's worth it :smile: This is my first thread so pleeeaaaase be kind :confused: I...
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    Solved Death match inside of Facility?

    I would like to build a death match there I just need to know how to or where to get into the facility in Creator. Anyone know how to access it?
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    Solved Unable to request glitched vehicles from SVW?

    First post on this site, apologies if this isn't the right place for this. Back when the "full facility" glitches were in full swing (around update 1.42?), I stored a lot of vehicles in my SVW so that I could call them with no cooldown time. I had an elegy, vigilante, deluxo, and hunter stored...
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    Tutorial Charles Modding for Aircraft and Other Special Vehicles

    Hello again everyone, This thread describes how to use iFruit & Charles to mod non-car vehicles like aircraft, the AA trailer, special vehicles, and even the MOC. Very importantly, I also include how to avoid dead spots while doing this. These methods aren't particularly new, and are scattered...
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    Solved BMX in Kanjhali spot

    Im just looking for an answer from someone whose done similar. Ive scrolled threads and havent found the specific answer. I put my kanjahli in svw with bmx teleport exit glitch. So i dont want a dead spot. Im hoping i can just move the bmx to a garage and order a new kanjahli once the spot is...
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    Solved Gta v hydra glitched into my facility

    Hello all, Somehow, a hydra glitched into my facility. It dropped over the place of a duped tezzeract (if I remember correctly) It is preventing me from being able to drive any vehicle out of my facility, enter my avenger with any vehicle, sort vehicles inside my facility. It truly sucks...
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    Solved Saving Dupes + Transaction Failed when Selling?

    So I have a question about duping on PC. When I've done solo MOC dupe in the past on PC, I am able to get a clean dupe (i.e. a retro elegy replaces/ merges with a free elegy and gets its plate) BUT I have had 2 problems... 1) dupes won't save. When I find a new session or restart the game...
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    Solved Khanjali swapped by Buzzard on facility

    I'm trying to help out a friend to fix an issue on his facility (he accidentally swapped his Khanjali with a Buzzard). He is unable to move/replace his cars in the facility (I believe this happens if you have an aircraft sitting on a vehicle slot - R* hotfix). Do you guys have any idea how to...
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    Patched Default Bunker, guns and pv. Default facility

    EDIT: 8/9/18 The part from with getting into the default was patched but can confirm that it is working again after nightclub update. this method was used for GCTF and was patched and would spawn you right into the MOC. After update it is now working the same again. Also to add with extra...
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    Patched Glitched with frozen screen in facility

    1 go in avenger 2 go to where it says enter cockpit 3 hit x then join friend in different target mode asccept first alert decline second 4 hit pause exit pause you should be in facility now 5 then go to strike team go to observe target click it wait for it to load 6 join player in different...
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    Solved Need help with modded facility vehicles in garages

    I have standard ones in the facility and modded ones in the garages. I'm having problems swapping them over. Can someone clarify if it can still be done ? If anyone has done it or knows how to do it your help would be most appreciated. THANKS.
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    Ok... I screwed up :wink: Here’s where I went wrong And Here’s how I fixed it :wink: This is concerning bad spots caused by uninsured aircraft only. It is not a solution for every bad spot in the facility :wink:
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    Patched Fix Empty Slot in Facility

    First off, all credit goes to BabyMoses for his comment which lead to this fix.. I got one Empty slot in Facility in some glitching and I was able to fix it with the next steps, empty slots (AKA Ghost slot) cant be purchased over it, cant move the slot to other garage. This fix might work with...
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