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    Solved Facility Buy and Sell Glitch

    Good evening, i looked alot around and found on a Market an Offer that he Money Boost with Facilitys, the only thing he need is 200k $ on the Account for let the Glitch work. Did someone know which Money Glitch this is? Sorry this is my first time on a Forum like this. greetz Krautter
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    Discovery Shooting people from inside Facility

    So this happened to me several times this week, while playing on XB1. I was fight some dude, on the ground, guns and everything, when suddenly he puts a bounty on me and goes straight to his facility, presumably to obliterate me. I accepted Lester's invitation and teleported to the apartment...
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    Working Facility Radio Glitch (Play Music at Super High Volumes)

    Hey guys, So I came across this interesting glitch that allows you to turn up the radio inside the lounge of your facility so that it's extremely loud, about twice as much as when you hear music in the nightclub. All you need to do is turn on the TV in the lounge and change the channel so...
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    Patched Possible GC2F in the new heist room dupe glitch?

    So I was doing the new facility dupe glitch with my friend to clean some plates from my modded cars and I tried some things by accidental and discover that I can put my car to show up in every facility*.. I did the heist room glitch then I asked to my friend invite me to "titan service to...
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