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  1. SuperSwordGaming

    Solved  Trouble Extracting game ISOs

    So I've not extracted games in a while, but I'm 99% sure I used wx360 to do so as I have it on my computer, but when I got new games to add to my RGH, the games won't extract. I tried other methods including the Xbox Backup Creator and Exiso GUI and they all fail to recognize the ISOs (or...
  2. S

    1. Windows
    Extract bnk files

    Hello, I don't know if this section of the forum is the best, but move this thread if you want. So I download a iso file of fable 2 which is a xbox game only. I use exiso to extract but now I have .bnk files. I want to extract and after convert in .ogg. I want workable ressources for...
  3. G

    Solved  Jtag and the unplayable game

    Hi folks, I just can't get Skylanders Trap Team to work on my jtag. I've tried multiple source ISOs with various extractors. I've even tried hitting an installed copy with NXE2GOD. The closest I've got to getting the game to run prompts me to try installing the game again. Is this a case of...
  4. C

    Solved  ISO to HDD no Jtag/RGH

    My NHL 15 Disc is scratched up and I did not install it to my HDD. My question is can I install it to my HDD from a backup ISO on my PC. The only way i can see people doing it is with iso2god, which doesnt show up as "installed" , im assuming thats because it is meant to run without the disc...
  5. Scuba Steve V1

    Question  RGH wont extract the files from the mw3 disc

    I am trying to extract the files from the mw3 disc but i only get 4 files. When i look at the disc in xex menu it only shows up with the same 4 files. I dont know what to do. Any help would be appreciated.
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