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    Solved  Import/ Export Question

    Say I was to source a car as a CEO and my friend "steals my car" how much would he get turning it into the cops? Also would the price differ depending if it were standard or top range? Last, When you would Export the car, how much would my friend get if he were to "steal the car" from me and...
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    Patched  [PC only] Import/export: bypass car selling cool down wait time

    Found working on PC only. Might work on other platforms but NOT tested. Steps: Go to your import/export car warehouse, select a top range car for selling then mod it as required. Drive to the destination yellow circle and drive the car in the yellow circle to complete the export. During a few...
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    Patched  Import/Export - Always get High Range vehicles, or get the specific vehicle model you want

    Start importing your vehicles to the warehouse and go up to 32!! Don't go past that. I know the warehouses can source up to 40 vehicles, but the magic number is 32. If you already went past 32, next time you go to your warehouse, list your vehicles by name and check which model(s) you will have...
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    Solved  Sourcing Vehicles

    Can anyone tell me an easier way to source vehicles solo in a solo public session. Every time I do it solo I get a whole gang of cars shoot up the export vehicle causing a bunch of money in repairs every time. Any advice or tips on how to get it to the warehouse with minimal or low damage.
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    Discussion  CEO crates vs Exporting vehicles

    So the Import/Export DLC has been released and i was wondering what you guys think earns you money faster, the crates or the vehicles ? Maybe someone even tested it already. Appreciate your shared experiences!
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