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    Patched How to open Interaction menu (Using RC Bandito) and use throwables as animals

    I have heard about the RC Interaction menu method working for the animals but i found my own (i hope). 1. Deploy the RC Bandito. 2. Drive to a Peyote plant. 3. Start holding ALT and press F to exit the RC Bandito. (Optional: Open phone to look around easier) 4. Walk to the Peyote and (Close the...
  2. I

    Working Unlimited Free Legendaries - Lilith's Chest Exploit

    This works on PS4 and I assume it'll work on other platforms as well, but I can only test on PS4. So I was playing through TVHM this morning rushing the story missions to unlock mayhem 3, when an idea occurred to me, and it turned out to be a happy success. So you can do this in VH also, but...
  3. L

    Patched 500-2000 Trader resupply xp glitch/exploit

    Hi guys I'm gonna share with you guys a really awesome glitch/exploit that's miles better than the current horse carcass glitch for trader xp, level xp and outlaw pass xp. TL; DR Steps at the end. I'm not the founder I believe that belongs to two smaller youtubers called UnFaded420 and...
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    TUTORIAL Just have all the specialist settings on instant then you need to earn the dart activate the specialist before he runs out open the dart and throw it inside the wall if you do it correctly you will have unlimited dart
  5. F


    in this video you will see the best Prop Hunt glitches that are playable now this time? Maps Seaside 0:24 Firing Range 2:30 Frequency 4:18 Hacienda 6:03 Militia 7:34 Contraband 9:12 Nuketown 11:56 Morocco 13:19 Summit 15:08 Grind 17:02 Slums 18:28
  6. G

    Working Get Out of Bad Sport!!

    Get out badsport faster and easier :) with more research on badsport dynamics and explained ^^ Same steps as before get someone get clean in badsport lobby (friends, second console wtv)... 1-Get both inside inv lobby session before the badsport rescuer gets clean player 2-Send 16 commends...
  7. M

    Steam Level Exploit

    So this exploit is possible with the grand prix for the steam store. There are two methods to this. 1. Buy starbound, get the soda mod from the workshop (Summer Sale Soda Mod) and drink soda non stop and have tons of points to spend.
  8. B

    [RELEASE] MW2 RCE Menu (TU9)

    Releasing this because it's being passed around. All credits go to gamer7112 & el Sabotage . This exploit does NOT work if the host of the game is on a Xbox One. LT + Dpad Left to open the menu Video of RCE Menu: UPDATE: Added support for dashlaunch loading. Download & Virus Scan...
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    Working EMOTE GLITCH | Call of Duty Black Ops 4 | Tutorial

    Tutorial go to a wall with a dart throw the dart and go to a emote you will see that the camera change and you and you can walk while emoting if you like this leave a like the video and comment that FacelessOne send you Thank you
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    Patched Free Gold Bars (Limited Time)

    If you delete your character and play the first mission you go from level 1 to 5 in about 10 mins. They are currently awarding a gold bar for each level up. I found this out by wanting to experiment with the editor on my alt, and was given bonus gold today when I logged in. One of the first...
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    Xbox One PS4 Outward - unlimited carry weight exploit

    Requires a second controller -pause -start split -create new character for second controller named 'bag' for reference -player one drops all inventory desired to be transported -player 'bag' picks up said items and have them in 'pocket' -pause, stop split -go where needed and start split...
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    Xbox One PS4 Outward - silver exploit *2 controllers required

    From the very beginning or at anypoint anywhere -Pause -start split -create the second character -drop silver -1st player picks up silver -second player leaves game through 'stop split' when paused -pause -start split, second controller selects continue -drop silver Repeat till your hearts...
  13. P

    Working | PC | See Through Smoke Exploit

    Step 1: Go to your game folder Step 2: Go into your \Apex\cfg folder and COPY config_default_pc.cfg Step 3: Paste that file in the same folder and rename it to autoexec.cfg. (Do not delete the config file) Step 4: Open autoexex.cfg in notepad and remove everything, add the following code Step...
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    Working How to do the revolver rapid fire glitch using your phone (easiest method)

    Hello everyone, this is the first post I make lol. I'm the founder of this and already uploaded this method plus all the other working ones I seen to my channel. It didn't get the recognition I expected so that's why I'm making this. These are the steps: -Go in first person (for the entire...
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    Releasing this due to recent glitches affecting it. Was randomly patched after the dlc update but a recent dupe glitch by Apokalypt made this glitch work again. Was originally solo but not anymore. Honestly this glitch is complicated and not easy I was holding it back to store sp vehicles...
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    Patched Orbital Cannon 1.46

    X-post with clearer instructions, not my findings! -Set spawn location as your facility. -Enter orbital cannon, purchase either option (auto gives $750k, manual gives $500k) -Quit out of orbital cannon -Change outfit and wait for the orange rockstar save icon -Use cannon again, as soon as...
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    Working Mattock Pond Ranch Cabin Item Farm Spot

    This is my first post so sorry if this is wrong in formatting etc. Also sorry if this has been posted before :) Location: Lemoyne, Mattock Pond, Ranch Cabin. Same process as all others. Loot then join a new session, you shouldn't spawn far from it! Cabin Contains: crackers canned vegetable...
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