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    Unsolved  Unsolved Unable to run backup games on MultiMan

    Firmware: Rebug 4.84 DEX COBRA: 8.1 (Enabled) I moved it from my internal hard drive to my external. I was going to another version of it but, had no more space. So I moved it back and now whenever I launch it using multi-man, it goes to a black screen and doesn't load up. Does anyone know how...
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    LocalAPStore error message

    I tried an free inapp purchase with LocalAPStore on a new app I downloaded. I then got an error message reading something like this: "Inapp abuse noticed further investigation". I wonder if this will be a problem for me? Will I get caught or was it only a scare? And what will happen if I get...
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    Solved  Xbox 360 Previously had RROD Error 0022. Seems to Be fine, But Unable to Install games.

    So my room-mate gave me a 360 that was rrod. (After quite a bit of tinkering and cleaning I got in moderately good working order, compare to what it was). All the errors its given are near the bottom of the post, along with what I attempted to do to get rid of them. I am unable to install Any...
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    Unsolved  Bo2 Rank Corrupt

    when I do a recovery on bo2. It will always go back to the original level. It says "Rank Corrupted" "Data Corrupted" Does anyone know how to fix this??
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