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  1. Nintendo gamecube corruptions

    Nintendo gamecube corruptions

    Hello i've been on this site for quite some time and i figured i'd share my first corruption video, I hope you guys enjoy, it gets pretty crazy at times. I was inspired by vinny on vinesauce.
  2. K

    Discussion  What is your pick for Nintendo DS emulator for iOS?

    Hi guys, I was searching for Nintendo DS emulator for playing one of my favorite game "Super Mario Bros" on my iPhone XR. Please suggest a reliable one. Thanks!
  3. T

    Question  Play Xbox 360 game on pc from hard drive

    My Xbox 360 is broken and I want to play the game from it on my computer from its hard drive using xenia. I have already connected my hard drive to my computer and installed a tool to browse its contents. I want to know if it is possible to play the games installed on it using xenia.
  4. L

    Solved  N64 emulator .xex

    Im looking for an N64 emulator in .xex format, I can use mupen63 and run it through aurora file manager but I want it to be launchable through the cover flow, can this be done failing there being an .xex for it
  5. AzzidReign

    Tutorial  GoldenEye 007 - Remapping controls to work like current FPS with Xbox One/Playstation Controller

    How to Remap N64 Controls for GoldenEye 007 using a Current Gen Controller Intro: I looked up guides on how to do this and didn't find any that came up with my solution and I think mine is the easiest. The only solution I had found was about using a 2 controller set up through the emulator and...
  6. ROFeQT

    Question  Does anyone know how to run an n64 emulator on an xdk and if there is any pc98 emulator?

    I think the title says it all, i want to know if there is any way of running n64 games on an xdk because i know of surreal but for that one you need to have that rgh launcher thing because i can't run .elf files, a xbox 360 mod launcher and an xdk don't go too well together. And the second thing...
  7. A

    Question  Winrar corrupt file, mupen64

    Hello, I’ve downloaded mupen64 from home brew connections and I’ve tried to extract the file onto my flash drive but i keep getting the reports codes -Checksum error in xenon.elf. The file is corrupts -checksum error in mupen64-360\bg-Mario.png. The file is corrupt --checksum error in...
  8. Fireballdez

    Solved  N64 Emulator help

    now I searched and I need to launch the N64 xell and I heard it could break your xbox 360. does it really break the xbox 360 can you not use it anymore and wont turn on or does it still work and I can retry the N64 xell Please I need to Know please and thanks
  9. J

    Solved  Surreal xxx roms lagging

    I just recently bought a softmodded original xbox, put surrealxxx on it and got it to work perfect, tried to update to the newer surreal64 CE, anf everything started lagging, now even when i switch back my games are still laggy and slow, hitting only about 6fps, any suggestions? Could it just be...
  10. OtakuOnShrooms

    Discussion  no copy option in multiman?

    Hi im new to modding and i just did the lastest exploit and brought my ps3 to what i believe is REBUG 4.81.2 REX EDITION, and i got the latest version of multiman from the homebrew site which i believe is also the same version 4.81.2 and everything is working fine. However as soon as i tried...

    Question  Put NES ROMs on jailbroke PS3 via USB

    I need to know the process of transferring NES roms from an external hdd to my ps3. I just had my ps3 Jailbroke a few days ago so I still have some learning to do with it. I have looked at a few videos on how to do so but they are using much faster computers with filezilla in which I do not...
  12. Shaboi

    Question  Any 3DS Emulators that work for you?

    So i had the Citra emulator on windows and some games work well and some dont. But im trying to find one on android so i can play on the go. So if you know of any (if they exist) rooted or not please let me know the name and your experience! Thanks in advance :)
  13. Cynder

    Tutorial  How to setup Online play with N64 Emulator

    Hi, I am gonna show you how to set up network play using Project64K First thing you are gonna want to do is download THIS rar file. VIRUS SCAN Extract it to where ever you want, it will look like this Now launch the Project64K.exe. After that you will be greeted with the emulators ui. Go to...
  14. Wii U Emulator Cemu Has Been Released

    Wii U Emulator Cemu Has Been Released

    The Wii was the first console of the last generation to have a functioning emulator. This console generation, Nintendo’s system is once again the first to receive a working emulator. Exzap, a member of the gbatemp forums, released a Wii U emulator called Cemu this past Tuesday. Cemu is the...
  15. TheAtom

    1. Windows
    MS-Dos emulator pre-installed!

    While I was snooping around the System32 on my system, I noticed one of the files called COMMAND.COM and it said it was a MS-dos application. I thought it was cool that Microsoft still recognizes MS-Dos stuff, but then I realized that COMMAND.COM was the main part of MS-Dos. So I decide to open...
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