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  1. C

    Solved  Is there any up to date ways to make custom emblems in GTA5 anymore?

    I have tried using gtalogos but it doesnt work anymore. anybody have any ideas
  2. B

    Like my emblems trying to get Social Score lvl 20

    im looking to get level 20 social score and the best way to do that is with likes on emblems my GT is (Remix Fusionz)
  3. XeApeqq

    Blue Sky v3.1 Mod Menu

    Welcome To My Lobbies! Today i will be Hosting: Blue Sky v3.1 Mod Menu Gamertag: ll XeApeqq ll (As seen in the Video Proof down Below) Prices: MW2 CoHost (1hour) £3 BO2 CoHosts (1hour) £5 GTA 5 Cash Drop (10mins) £2 GTA 5 RP Drop (10mins) £2 I Only Accept PayPal Payments! Also if you don't...
  4. SocialTourist

    Solved  GTA V Crew Emblem Info?

    Hello, So while trying to upload a custom 512 X 512 SVG image using the old copy paste in the htlm between this line:< /rect> </svg> I hit a problem. I can get the image to show up in and format without an issue but saving is another matter. I have tried everything I can think of but I just get...
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