1. Golly

    Show Off  Elgato Stream Deck Icons

    Just got my Elgato Stream Deck couple weeks ago and finally got around to making icons so it doesn't look "basic" if you will.. It's nothing flashy just clean and simple to match my setup and figured I'd share this awesome device and the little things.
  2. Walmart Shooter

    Solved  Elgato problems with xbox

    I have an elgato HD60, ik it don't record your own voice without a special setup(To my knowledge) but i got a blue yeti mic so i can use that, but it only records game sounds it don't record others voices like it should (also I have a turtle beach that I got for like 40$ at walmart....)If you...
  3. Evor

    Discussion  Is the elgato hd worth £50 and can my laptop run it?

    Is the elgato hd worth £50 and can my laptop run it? amd e1-1200 apu with radeon(tm) hd graphics 1.40 ghz RAM: 5.0BG (4.60 Usable) 64Bit OS
  4. ImHyped

    black ops 2 six man (trickshotting , xbox 360 )

    hey guys , we are trying to get a six man on black ops 2 , if you wanna join send a message (or friend request ) to : Im Hypped or : Ami Shadey we have an elgato to record with , so any clip you hit will be recorded . and send to you via skype .
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