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  1. XRC

    Discussion  [Release] Project RAT V1 - ALL THE SWEATY EDITORS

    Welcome to the Project RAT V1 - ALL THE SWEATY EDITORS! This mod menu was created for one reason for all the editors that cannot make there own stuff. There will not be any video so don't ask for one. If you wanna know what's inside open in FFViewer. This mod menu might piss off all the sweaty...
  2. A

    Discussion  CS:GO Frags Editor

    Hey, I am looking for editors who can create some edits for my frags. Add me for any Enquiries, Or Get Back To Me. Thanks, Aki
  3. N

    All  No L'z Clan Recruiting GT:NoLz Made

    All CoDs Mw2,MW, MW3 Snipers and clippers Bo2,Bo3,Advanced Warfare and Infinity Warfare try Hards for competetive gaming and Gb, Gb experience would be cool. I wanna win some Tournaments with a group of players and gain some fans. Fun people who have nothing better to do than r*** at cod if...
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