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  1. asp22

    Tools  PS3 Profile Editor

    Hello, I'm new here and I'd like to start by making a small contribution to the se7ensins community. I've put together a Simple Borderlands 2 Profile Editor for the PS3. If, like me you're still rocking the PS3 and you love Borderlands 2, then feel free to give it a go and let me know if you run...
  2. perkinua soma

    Support  Is there a program that can fool TrueAchievements' detection ? Do you want more info on how they detect it?

    So TrueAchievements can detect some of the achievements you have unlocked using a profile editor. Namely online achievements/achievements that has an online date. I've heard that they can pinpoint it down to the microsecond like .0000 so that's how they assume it's edited. Now more specifically...
  3. D

    Working  Creator warp for SP (Blocked from Online)

    I was trying an old editor teleport Glitch, since the template are back in editor. The glitch still works but if you go online it takes the editor state away. I think they have a new way to detect if you are using the teleport glitch. My guess is that as soon as you go online the game checks if...
  4. E

    Question  Is this even possible?

    Heyo, I was messing around with an OG Xbox game called Phantom Dust. Finding the ISO online I manged to extract the games files to my computer. I was wondering (if it is even possible) to get a map editor up and running for the games maps. Each map consists of an .alr and .dat file. I know I'm...
  5. Lukasz4282

    Zombies stat editor ?

    Im looking for any PC zombie stats editor so I can reset my rank/ change my rank. I know its late but anything will help :)
  6. NpK Studios

    Video  Segregation - Rockstar Editor Machinima

    Hey all. This is our 2/3 of our mini series of one character going through a personality disorder. If you could watch it and give your honest opinions on this video it would be very appreciated!! Video Link:
  7. J

    Solved  Save editor - Red Dead Redemption 2

    Hi everybody! Anyone working on a usb save editor yet? Would be nice to have something like the GTA V one!
  8. X

    Solved  Are there any guides for making a simple gamesave editor?

    I know I'm years late to the 360 modding scene but I've recently dusted off my 360 and it re-sparked my interest in hex editing gamesaves. While this is nice and all, I've been learning quite a bit of C++ over the past year and thought it'd be pretty neat to try and whip up my own editor. But...
  9. Bleys1137

    C/C++  Simple Notepad Program

    I made this program ages ago and just found it on my pc it's like notepad but has more functions to do more stuff that normal notpad can't do. hope you like my program Notepad Virus Scan
  10. A

    Discussion  CS:GO Frags Editor

    Hey, I am looking for editors who can create some edits for my frags. Add me for any Enquiries, Or Get Back To Me. Thanks, Aki
  11. M

    Solved  Transform Race Editor

    It doesn‘t work for me on Xbox One. Transform checkpoints turn into normal ones after publishing. But how were people able to vote on transform races? https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/xboxone/jobs/members/races/?subtype=transformraceUpvote here if you encounter the same bug...
  12. L


    Hey guys, I'm trying to get modded props such as (ufo's, windmill etc...) in job editor but i didnt found any tutorial explaining i. as many know rockstar detects if u modded archive with OpenIV. i tried replacing id with cheat engine, didnt got a spawnable objects, I'll appriciate any help :)
  13. GgC Cyclops

    Question  Game type specific stat editor

    does anyone have a recovery tool or stat editor that works for specific game types?
  14. James Reborn

    .NET  James reborns Hybrid Creator v3

    James reborns Hybrid Creator v3.2 Updated 6/6/2018 My Program Simply made to make Hybrid Weapons, Easier, Faster and More Efficiently. This Program is a Helping Guide For Gibbed Save Editor. Virus Scan: Click Here Download Tool: Click Here Info about DLL: HERE If there are any missing...
  15. robot9706

    PC  OxygenNotIncluded save editor / modder

    ONI Edit - An OxygenNotIncluded save editor Features: Edit basic colony info Edit research Edit duplicants (name, skills, traits) Tools (reveal the whole map, fix everything) Download and usage: Download link / Virus total scan Extract the "ONIEdit.zip" somewhere Start the editor using...
  16. ibkwerner

    Patched  PS3 Editor and PS4 Editor Maps Tricks

    Just an Information, did you know, you can create a Under the Map Race near the Motorcycle Club under the Docks on PS3 and load it in PS4 Editor to glitch into the Motorcyle Club. I did it with a USB Mod on my PS3. Spawnd Ferris Wheel und movene it under the Map, _after that i teleportet on...
  17. R


    ZEPHYR CLAN ☰ Zephyr is a newly formed clan that I hope to expand over time. ☰ ☰ This clan is about having fun, but also getting work done! ☰ ☰This is a Multi-Cod clan, meaning we support every Call of Duty, including Black Ops 3 ☰ ☰ This is also an all-round clan, which means we work with any...


    HEEY WHHHASSTSS UPPP GUYS :smile: Today me and WorldsFinestGamer FOUND a way how you can fall under map with any job that you create ➡️ FOUNDER: ➡️ FRAPZZ: https://www.youtube.com/user/CODSnIpZzAndHaWkZz ➡️ WorldsFinestGamer: https://www.youtube.com/WorldsFGamer IF TEXT TUTO NOT CLEAR ENOUGH...
  19. Defy Kryptic

    Video  Editor Looking To Make Channel Art For Youtube

    Hi, I go by Defy Kryptic. Im looking to make some channel art for people... I charge 5 dollars Paypal. For the price I guarantee you wont find a better designer. Hmu if your interested. - Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQj4hym2aPNPIkHWm1-_uqg
  20. iNakedo79

    Video  GTAMotion 4D*

    A Shadow Company 4D* Speedo Showcase 4D*
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