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  1. A

    Discussion  Borderlands 2 New DLC Challenge

    Hello fellow gamers I have come across the Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary challenges and noticed that through "gibbed" there is no actual track of two challenges "Fandir Fiction" and "The Burden of Creation" could some one check and explain to me how/why/where. Thanks in advance...
  2. Kajinama

    Discussion  Army of Two - Original: Reclaiming What Was Lost

    With the shutdown of the EA servers, and the unusual reset of my save file, I have lost access to the pre-order weapons. I was wondering if anyone knew a way to edit my profile/save to unlock those weapons again. Also, any other editing of my profile/save that would help me get back the money...
  3. I

    Tutorial  How to Mod Borderlands for Infinite Money

    How to Mod Borderlands to have Tons of Money Requirements: PS3 Borderlands Save Flashdrive PC Hex Editor (Just go get HxD) If you got all those your ready 1) Get The Save Jack!!! Go to the XMB (Homescreen) Then Go to Games Section Now go to Saved Data Utility and find your Borderlands save...
  4. Axx9844

    Question  Help

    Im making mod menu for bo2 and whenever I press x on menu it goes back except when I'm in main mods tab any help?
  5. Axx9844

    Question  Editing Jiggy

    I made my edits to Jiggy V4.5 and exported them in gsc studio then i renamed it to _rank.gsc and put it under maps-mp-gametyoes and put it in neighborhood but when I loaded the game my edits were not there. Any help?
  6. AllAroundModher

    Solved  is there a RGH Storage open Software?

    Heyo, i have a problem.. So i was having a problem with my RGH earlier; where it wouldnt boot. Donezo it was fixed Now; i really f'd up lol. I was having a problem with neighborhood. so my initial reaction was too take out XBDM and re-install it. So i take out XBDM.xex; thinking that...
  7. Muhbot

    Opinions about my CS:GO Edit?

    Hey guys, im not the best in editing but i want to try getting better. Please tell me what i could do better and what i should stop doing. Thanks, Muhbot.
  8. Ace758

    Sun/Moon  PokéGening legal Pokémon

    Alola! Welcome to my PokéGen service! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ You can request any Pokémon so long as it is "legal" to obtain in game. Illegal Pokémon cannot be traded so be sure to study up before you request! I...
  9. PlayStation 4's Sharefactory Gets A New Update

    PlayStation 4's Sharefactory Gets A New Update

    As the PlayStation 4 Sharefactory community continues to grow, so do the requests for new features and updates to gamers favorite features on the PlayStation 4. Since the initial launch of Sharefactory, Sony has seen more the 5.1 million downloads of the application and over 18.9 million gamers...
  10. FresH Gaming

    FresH Gaming | Recruitment | Sniping Clan

    What is FresH Gaming: FresH is a Black Ops II Sniping Clan that is looking for new, active members. We also plan on eventually making a competitive team, but currently are only Sniping. The Roster Updated on the 12th of December 2015, * FresH KLWL (Leader) * FresH RLSK (Co-Leader) * FresH Mugz...
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