1. ilikefredy

    Solved  Trinity Ace V3 RGH Glitching Problems (LED Errors / Timing Files)

    Hello who ever is here to save me! So I bought OEM Ace V3 chips, and have started installations for the systems I am trying to RGH (For Personal LAN Center). Two of them have gone perfectly, but the other two not so much. The two troubled ones are both doing similar things. Both systems...
  2. Csyzr

    Solved  Ace v3 Corona v4 no Xell Lost NAND

    Corona v4 4GB NAND with Post fix v2 adapter and SD Tool V2.2 - Alternate C5R11 'D' point due to lifted pad on R4P4 I lost my original NAND and Im trying to boot xell so I can get my CPU key and continue from there to rebuild my NAND. I've borrowed a public cpu key for corona and built a fake...
  3. Razor0603

    Solved  Xbox 360 Slim Trinity RGH Giving Problems

    Hello all, this thread is about my Xbox 360 (16MB Trinity) and my troubles trying to RGH it. Before I go into detail, let me do some housekeeping: I'm using J-Runner v3 Beta 8 * Matrix SPI NAND Flasher * X360Run Glitcher 96MHz Crystal (Pictures can't be provided because I haven't made 10 posts...
  4. rynax

    Solved  Warning: can't patch this Trinity type SMC, is this Bad SMC Flash/Corrupt NAND?

    Hi, Got a not working Trinity , it has problems, am trying to study it see if I could repair it. The console has been attempted to do RGH2 long time ago by the previous owner but gave up half way. A quick test shows the R3B15 resistor has blown out so there's no boot at all. Looks like the...
  5. E

    Solved  Can't get cpu key from console

    I have a cr4 xl installed. I already created and wrote the ecc. But when I try to boot it won't glitch. So I can't get my cpu key. Any thoughts? It's a trinity console. I have everything installed correctly.
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