1. jujubee9000

    Unsolved  Help!!! i cant load GTA V eboot.bin inn multiman, all i get is the code looking stuff. im on hen 3.0.0

    When i go into the USRDIR, i see the eboot, no star on it, and i cant use it!!! Help!!! Edit: plz help me its been an entire day, and still no reply.
  2. toofaces2

    Mod Menu  [RELEASE] GTA 5 Eboot.bin (DEX/1.27)

    Eboot.bin - BLES 1.27 - Debug (DEX) - Cash Drop - Anti Ban - Script Bypass - XMB Crash Fix - Vehicle Freeze Protection - Anti Cheater Reports Open Sprx Menu with: - GTA.sprx - Gtamenu.sprx - Lexicon.sprx - Polynesia.sprx - Power.sprx VirusScan Credits: Kryptus, zundappchef, toofaces2
  3. D

    Unsolved  bo2 mods ps3 HELP!!!

    Hi guys again I am at the home stretch just need one more thing when I put my zombies eboot in and load up bo2 it don't wanna load my gsc menu but once I change it back to multiplayer everything works fine because it has the red fps at the top but not on zombies eboot? PLZ help
  4. A

    Solved  BO2 EBOOT Request

    Hi Se7ensins I have been looking for a speciel EBOOT for BO2 1.19 multiplayer. It's important for me that there is no mods in the EBOOT. I'm on CEX. I'd like the EBOOT to include: - Anti-ban - Ghost camo - Advanced Warfare camo - Probation bypass If it's only to put 1 camo in the EBOOT I...
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