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    Patched  Director mode work around... Easy Money (requires two friends)

    Hi guys. First time post for a Newbie but long time fan of the forums. Ok, so we all now know about the Director mode glitch that doesn't stick (https://www.se7ensins.com/forums/threads/wfgs-director-mode-glitch-get-everything-in-the-gta-online-for-free-doesnt-stick.1633723/). I think I may...
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    Patched  *New* Money Glitch! NO Created Job Needed. Confirmed on PS4

    Link to founder: Setting KK https://www.youtube.com/shared?ci=RBtW-ZeLk14 Link to Mike Liu's video I watched to create this thread & my video: https://www.youtube.com/shared?ci=1ZErG4jtz-M Huge shoutout to Setting KK & Mike Liu for creating video tutorials in Chinese! :thumbsup: Need 1 friend to...
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    THIS ONLY WORKS FOR THE FEMALE CHARACTER 1) Go to the wardrobe or a clothing store 2) Then go to Tops> Vest 3) Equip the Perseus Blue Sweater vest, QB Navy Sweater vest, QB Diamon Sweater vest or the White Sweater vest 4) Then save it as an outfit 5) After that go to Outfits> Heist...
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    Team tac Dom boosting 600+kills PS4

    need one with 2 controllers add lakerlife420 must have mic preferably know what to do easy xp first come first serve
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    Guide on how to get inside Cargo plane. Step 1 Get a cargo plane and a friend to help you step 2 Open the cargo plane door but don't go inside (so the door stays open) step 3 Get your friend to stand right in the corner between the plane and the side of the door and ask him to pull a gun out...
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    Patched  GTA V Online new money expolit/glitch

    New GTA V Online money exploit/glitch, Step 1 join any random lobby step 2 go to phone, go to quick join then select stunt series step 3 once in the race make sure your place 10 k on yourselves (the more bets placed the more money you make, if your in a race with 30 people and they all place...
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    Patched  Easy super high bike launch glitch

    This was found by Razeify (me) and Sheepking277 by randomly goofing around. This glitch allows you to launch very high up in the sky with your character. Tested on PC with the sanctus, bati and faggio mod. To do this all you need to do is: 1. Go to this location on the map: Its right next to...
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    Patched  Old, but still working hat, mask and glasses glitch! [1.27/1.31]

    Hello guys, today I will show you this amazing hat, mask and glasses glitch! 1. Own an apartment with a telescope 2. Stand next to the telescope 3. Run past it while spamming right on the d-pad 4. Open the interaction menu and equip any hat or glasses 5. Run away from the telescope 6...
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    Working  *NEW* Teleport "TEAM PILE UP GLITCH" BO3 SOE Under Stairs Glitch (After Patch)

    Step 1: Enter beast mode and jump down quick, help if theres a bit of lag.. Step 2: Exit beast mode and run under the stairs! Step3: Kill,kill,kill,kill Enjoy!
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    Working  *NEW*High Door Ledge on EVAC! - Easy to do Multiplayer Glitch on Evac! (Black ops 3)

    Step 1: Line up with the corner of the door. Step 2: Boost jump upwards. Step 3: Run forward while jumping. Step 4: It takes many attempts but you'll get it :)
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    Video  ALL Invincible Shadows of evil Glitches & Unlimited ammo&Rounds!

    -Oxen :wink:
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    Patched  Flight School Helmet

    I have not seen this glitch yet, if you have and know who is the rightful founder, let me know. Thanks! Credit: VloctyOG (Me) Unless found by another UPDATE ON BOTTOM! ------------------------ Steps: 1. Go to a clothing store 2. Go to outfits, select the "Flight Suits" (Either Suit Works) 3...
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    Working  *NEW* Zombie AFK Glitch! (EASY)

    Hey guys YouTube.com/CheaterG97 Here with a all new Glitch on Shadows Of Evil, All You Need To Do Is Open Up The Rift. (This works on all consoles) INSTRUCTIONS 1) Open Up A Door That Leads To The Rift 2) Open Up The Portal 3) Have Your Back Facing The Portal 4) Just Keep Holding The Left...
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    Working  Black Ops 3 Zombie Glitches - Elevator Glitch!

    Brief Tutorial 1 - Make the sheild 2 - Go to the Theatre area of Shadows of Evil map 3 - go onto the cat walk opposite the Theatre building 4 - Get onto the stairs with your sheild on your back (facing down the stairs) 5 - Let a zombie hit you in the back and you should elevate 6 - aim in the...
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    Patched  New unlimited Money Glitch

    Hey Guys. The founder of the race is reddit.com/user/Jubulba The founder of the glitch are ITSONLYCAKE and me. Today I want to show you an Unlimited money glitch. There are only 3 things you need: a Friend; 10.000$ and an Job that you need to create. Job Link for PS4(may get removed from...
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    Patched  Instant Win Race

    Because my old thread was deleted I am going to show you guys how to create an Instant Win Race. You can youse it to boost your race wins and unlock tuning parts for your cars. Credit goes to https://www.reddit.com/user/Jubulba & GTAthrowgrenades There is a Money GLitch coming from this...
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    Mod Menu  (C++ Menu Base) Brick's Menu

    Brick's Menu Hey, my first thread on se7ensins, so please tell me if i do anything wrong. This is a menu base, designed specifically to speed up/remove the time it takes to create the actual menu, so you can focus all your time on the functions. By using a list of lists of pairs of pairs of...
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    Video  GTA V 1.29 Easy Dupelication Money Glitch!!! Bypass the 45min

    Im not the founder of this glitch, i have just found the vid and wanted to share it with you guys :smile:
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    Working  Agnoarch rune easy completion

    I haven't seen this posted on here, but normally you can get one charge per day by stepping on the circle of blight in dreadnaught patrol and killing the major witch that spawns. If you take the rune and swap it between characters you can actuality keep gaining charges on it I've only tested it...
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    Patched  NEW MONEY GLITCH (x360)

    I Found a Deatmatch with a cargobob into the limbo , i picked up a car and my friend with the cargobob trowed me on the garage , and the car stored on my garage (Maybe This Can be a new money glitch) Job Link...
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