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easy glitch

  1. Grepe

    Patched  BF Weevil Custom Speed Glitch

    Easy Speed Glitch With The New Car 1:.. Hold Accelerate 2:.. While Holding Accelerate Hold Reverse After The Car Gets Momentum 3:.. Guide The Car :) Just Hold The Burnout Buttons After Accelerating The Car
  2. D

    Anyone have 5-10mins to spare so we can get Red/Black joggers?

    Hello all, I’m trying to get all colored joggers and need someone to invite me to the last listed MOC job. That way we can get the RED joggers. Takes 5-10 mins tops. I can help with anything you might want too! bl0m0dr0650 Xbox1 Old gen
  3. BngGlitcher

    Patched  Brand New duplication with Ls Car meet

    Hello, Name is BngGlitcher ! I was the founder of the GC2F car meet and now I found a New duplication with a New bug into the Ls Car Meet ✅ Founder @Thugpassion313Hd Gaming before me ? Prerequisites: - 1 friend - an arena - a vehicle to duplicate in the arena - full of eleghy rh8 - a mobile...
  4. Risking Perfect

    Tutorial  XB1/PS4 Easy XP/Guardian Method [updated]

    Warning: This Video and Tutorial Do Contain Mid-Late Game Spoilers! If you need help getting any items please see this thread. https://www.se7ensins.com/forums/threads/boosting-duping-requests.1779575/ Text Tutorial: Outdated
  5. Grazza

    CTF Shipment XP Boosting Lobby (all are welcome)

    Xp Farming, boosted lobby, cod wwii glitch, cod wwii exploit, aussie server, internation server, join the party chat make friends and gain heaps of xp loads of suppy drops and did I mention free supply drops!!!!!! (From leveling up so quickly hahah)
  6. aT IM FRESH

    Patched  *EASY* FREE CARS GLITCH FROZEN MONEY !!! Xbox 360 & ps3 only!!

    Steps. (I'M FOUNDER) :] 1. Get in an invite only Sesh with a friend 2. Have the exact amount of money that the car you want for free costs on your person, and $100 in the bank 3. Once thats done ^ go to the vehicle you have the exact amount of and press buy now you'll have a menu in the...
  7. Cod_king757

    Working  The Giant - Wallbreach god mode team pileup

    Head to the back teleporter room near kn44... then head to the right side of the stairway then back yourself into the corner and have a zombie step on you... immediately turn towards the wall and run fast towards it .... all teammates are invisible to zombies at kn44!! Be careful of death...
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