1. R


    [XBOX 360] ERROR E-71 AFTER FLASHING NAND. I was following a tutorial on youtube on how to flash my nand and after the program rebooted the Xbox the E-71 error showed up. I AM LOOKING FOR A FIX. IMMEDIATELY.
  2. Mobfather Repair

    Solved  J-Runner Has Stopped Working On Windows 10

    I downloaded J-Runner to check my nand for bad blocks since i got an E71 after going to the default xbox home and another I believe when it was shutting down after my GTA V froze. I got 2 backups from flash360 ready to go, I got J-Runner from the Team Xecuter link I'll put below. I have tried...
  3. Peter Dudziak

    Solved  XBOX RGH ISSUES please help**

    I've been getting a E71 ring on my rgh not at boot but during gameplay. I updated my nand and image, deleted games and just refreshed everything, except for the plugins. SOOO can the plugins be causing this E71 ring?
  4. Peter Dudziak

    Solved  RGH GETTING E71 Error IN GAME? red ring during game! Help A Guy Out please**

    I've done my research on this error but I can't find any fix for what's happening to me. my RGH console boots up great but gets a E71 error when I play games. This mostly happens to me on bo2, ill be playing a couple of games online with a mod menu but after sometime my rgh gets a fatal crash...
  5. Ricky carrazco

    Solved  Help E71 Error . Purge and African problems red light on RGH

    The week i have bought a couple menus and have been using Ninja\African. I first bought African to run and it worked great with no issues. A few days ago i bought Purge to run with my African. I can not get into lobby's when i put purge on. I spend an average of an hour (no exaggeration) trying...
  6. L

    Unsolved  E71 Rgh error

    I kept getting a game error when loading the ms dash so I looked up a way to fix it and it said to press lb rb x lb rb x on the hard drive to delete the dashboard update. Ever since I did that I keep getting e71. My console won't even boot if I take everything out(harddrive /usb. Any help
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