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dvd drive

  1. I

    Question  Hitachi DVD drive PCB dead?

    I flashed my Hitachi GDR-3120 a while ago and it started dying after that. The only way it would work would be if I manually ejected it with the console on, put in a game, pushed it back in slightly and then turned on the 360. The console would retract the tray, read the disc, and work after...
  2. C

    Question  No screen after using J-Runner with Extras

    Hy everyone, I tried to mod my console the first time. Have the Xbox 360 Slim Trinity version. I following the steps like in the Video from MrMario2011. How to RGH3 a Xbox 360 Slim (Trinity) - Chipless RGH 3.0 Tutorial! I am using J-Runner with Extras with a Raspberry Pi Pico. The reading and...
  3. I

    Question  Hitachi drive not detected by console, but otherwise working

    I've flashed my Hitachi drive with JungleFlasher, but it is no longer being detected by my Xephyr 360. When putting it into the 360 and powering it on, it does not spin up or show any signs of life. The dash either shows "Opening", "Closing", or "Reading" depending on if I press the eject...
  4. C

    Question  Can I pair a different dvd drive to an RGH Or a JtagXbox without a programmer

    Hello I have a dvd drive in my rgh that doesn’t read games the dvd drive gets stuck and never closes. I don’t have an x360 programmer or anything Like that so I cant flash or pair like that. Is it possible to flash a new dvd drive thru the Xbox or xell somehow?
  5. T

    Question  Falcon DVD Drive Banned After Flashing Or Not ?

    Xbox 360: Falcon DVD-Drive: Liteon CD-Key: Flashed DVD+R DL: AonePlus 8.5GB Not connected to XBOX Live since flashing Dashboard latest So I flashed DVD Drive and it went all fine then I burnt a game called minecraft storymode 2 tried to play that, which didnt worked then I read about abgx360...
  6. N

    Hardware Mods  Slot Loading DVD Drive on RGH

    I am looking into making a 360 laptop. I want to make it to where it has a slot loading drive. Does anyone have any info on how to make one or which drive would work best or ANYTHING? I’m excited and motivated to accomplish this. I know on Xbox-scene there was a guy who did it but it has since...
  7. FirezRVG

    Solved  Problem with Trinity RGH with Hitachi DVD Drive.

    As the title says, there is a problem with my Trinity RGH. I was able to RGH it but it would not boot with the Hitachi DVD Drive plugged in. I have done some research and believe this could be Xell Reloaded (Xenon Linux Loader) or it could be the glitch chip shorting out because of the metal...
  8. H

    Solved  RGH DVD drive plays DVDs but not Game CDs

    Hey guys, I'm facing an issue with my RGH DVD drive. When I put in a movie DVD or music CD it works perfectly, but when I put in a game disk, it either says Play DVD and then just shows the XBOX logo or says Play Game Disk and comes back to the dashboard. This had started a couple of months...
  9. P

    Solved  Revert xbox 360 to original firmware

    Hey all, My phat x360 with lite-on dvd drive was flashed by some guy years ago. I'd like either restore it to its original firmware (is there an easy way?), so I can safely use xbox live (I think it has not been banned, however I have once put in a disk of a newer game so I hope it didn't get...
  10. Sharkys Customs

    Solved  Need Xkey / Xk3y Latest Firmware, All Links are Dead

    Need Xkey / Xk3y Latest Firmware, All Links are Dead on google. Anyone that can help would be awesome! Thanks for reading.
  11. Mobfather Repair

    Solved  Xbox One Disc Drive Replacement

    I am looking to return to Xbox one but, I don't want to pay $200+. I have found one on eBay but it has a broken disc drive. Is it like the Xbox 360 where you can swap the PCB?
  12. Q

    Solved  Replacing the DVD with a modded DVD unit possible?

    Dear friends, i have a faulty XBOX 360 with a Benq DVD unit that I gott it modded a few years back. Meanwhile i acquired another xbox 360 that comes with a Samsung DVD drive. if I replace the Samsung drive with the modded Benq one, can I then play backup downloaded games? Would it work? thanks
  13. B

    Solved  Rgh Help

    Hi I have a corona RGH and i need to know how to unplug the dvd/disc drive step by step because it froze on Xell Reloaded and the last line was Sata drive at 001200 and i read an article about this guy having the same problem as me and one guy said for a corona he needs to unplug the disc drive...
  14. MikeyZombiee

    Solved  How do I Flash my 360 Dvd Drive? (Liteon)

    How Do I flash a Liteon Dg-16d5s? Do I have to have a Rgh or something?
  15. S

    Solved  I seem to have corrupted my DVD Drive..

    A long while back, I watched a tutorial on how to flash a key vault to my NAND and in the tutorial, the person said that if my drive type isn't on the list, just leave it blank and it should work.. It didn't. Since then, it simply says any disc you put into the console is a "DVD" and when you...
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