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  1. M

    Patched  NEW car duplication glitch

    Hello ? i found a new duplication gltich with friend Requirements 1. Friend with bunker 2. Bunker 3. Arena with issi 4. MOC with vehicle storage 5. Clubhouse and any bike Steps: 1. Say your friend to come in his bunker 2. Hop your car and drive into your bunker 3. Leave your car in your...
  2. I

    Discussion  Removed threat

    Removed content
  3. gv10220

    Solved  Selling duped cars with a deleted custom plate

    So i have a bunch of duped arena war issi’s, the issue is that the plate they all have equipped is a plate i deleted without realizing. are these cars still safe to sell? if not, am i able just to switch custom plates?
  4. On Baby Toes

    Discovery  Duplication

    Looking for a duplication glitch for PS4. Will pay, thanks
  5. T

    Patched  !!!!!!Easy Car Dupe!!!!!! One Hooker and One Friend!

    Requirements: Must be done between 22:00 and 05:00 game time when Hookers spawn. Arcade; Nightclub; Arena or Penthouse garages. One friend. Invite only session. Vehicle set to everyone. Any street car. Faggio in a 10 car garage. Free Elegy in any garage. Car you want to duplicate in any garage...
  6. Navy Davey

    Patched  !!!!Easy Car Duplication!!!! With One Friend!

    Requirements: One friend. Invite only session. Vehicle set to passengers. Faggio in a 10 car garage. Free Elegy in any garage other than a 10 car garage. Car you want to duplicate in any garage other than a 10 car garage. Arena War Issi Elegy Retro Custom 10 car garage. MOC (not necessary but...
  7. Madz420HD


    *LIKE *COMMENT *SUBSCRIBE Founder - NZ420GLITCHER YOU NEED -1 panther or cougar and 1 friend then make your way to Valentine stable -you need to own at least 1 horse park you horse close to the stable -have your friend put the panther/cougar on your horse FROM THE RIGHT. -have your friend...
  8. brian nz


    FOUNDER :B-MAN how to duplicate dlc weapons and mastercrafts currently only verified to work on xbox here is how to do it drop a sub while you are there
  9. ronaldomga

    Patched  Duplication REALLY working on PC using "BUZZARD" as base.

    Hello! My name is Ronaldo and I'm going show a duplication method on the pc for those who do not use MOD. Sorry for the bad English, because I'm using a translator. Come on! Remembering that this method is solo. Requirements: Have a MOC, a COMPLEX, a HANGAR and the BUZZARD, and of course the...
  10. E


    Founders: KingAlexHD & Evilerbranch902 Video: NOTE: Please do this in free aim --> No Custom Plates Needed CEO Requirements: Nightclub / CEO Garage With Custom Auto Shop / At Least 10 Empty Slots / Free RH8 IN A CEO Garage 1,2,3 BUNKER Requirements: Nightclub / Bunker / M.O.C With Personal...
  11. Mr Glitches GTA


    THIS IS A 100% SOLO WORKAROUND *NO DIFFERENT TARGET* 100% SOLO CAR DUPLICATION GLITCH *WORKAROUND* Workaround founder: Obese Giraffe UPDATED 15/03/19 Requirements MOC With personal vehicle storage Nightclub -Car you want duplicate in MOC -Free elegy in nightclub service entrance -Point...
  12. A


    Hi, UPDATED VIDEO ------------- the new script by R* force drink the beer... so this is the alternative method. this time we do not point the finger in the middle of the purchased beer, we use the finger after animation end with the black alert error message. when you change to another...
  13. GeekyGtaGlitchGirl

    Patched  Solo and easy car duplication glitch in the facility/ bunker/ no custom plates needed

    Video by G-Twist Founder: Kingalexhd and evilbranch? Please tell me if someone else also worked on it or found it. I just wrote down the requirements and steps for you. Because no one else did it and I think it's worth it :smile: This is my first thread so pleeeaaaase be kind :confused: I...
  14. A


    Hey guys ive heard and seen a few things bout duplicating accounts but nobody has given me any info about it. If yall could be helpful in anyway please lemme know I would appreciate it a lot =)
  15. X

    Solved  Dupes Wont Save & Wont Sell

    I'll begin first by explaining the problem I'm having with saving the dupes. I can duplicate the cars just fine (Elegy Custom & Sultan RS), and it even allows me to save the dupes in my MOC and my CEO Garage with the custom auto shop. I can even switch to another public session and the cars will...
  16. m0rphyy

    Patched  Solo Car Duplication

    Works as a GC2F method too :thumbsup: Can also have a Friend flip the street car over while on the Facility Full alert. I've got this down to around 3 min 30 sec per dupe at Grand Senora Desert Facility Requirements: Custom Plate on the Vehicle you are duping Full Facility Dump from Pegasus...
  17. Rafaelgomes431

    Patched  Possible glitch

    Possible new glitch (Solo or donate car) 1-Take a car from your complex and get out 2-Get outside the car in your complex and join in a friend with a different look 3-Accept the first alert and refuse the second when the elevator noise stops. 4-Press Y on Xone or (triangle) on ps4 take a...
  18. Classique

    Patched  Possible Dupe Glitch with Electric Vehicles in LSC

    Hello! I'm personally not that experienced regarding dupe glitches, but according to Gandalf61 , there was once a duplication glitch revolving around LSC and driving while inside LSC (if I'm not mistaken?) How to do this glitch...
  19. m0rphyy

    Patched  Solo Car Duplication Unlimited Money Glitch

    This is a variation of the recent car dupe. Thanks to all involved! Notes: * It IS possible to sell duped supercars and non-Bennys vehicles (X-80, etc) on PC. This only works for those who can only dupe one per session. Does not work on consoles. * With this glitch it is possible to store...
  20. Apokalypt

    Patched  Possible GC2F Glitch

    Hello, I need help, I have found a bug but I search with this for 1 month.... Help me please My friend is out and I'm in my garage My friend can do right on the d-pad to go in the modshop with his car and PNJ's car If my friend do right on the d-pad he is freez in the car My friend, who is...
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